History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Philips, David B030.19
Phillip, Cordelia B236.04
Phillip, John B236.04
Phillip, May B236.04
Phillip, Pauline B236.04
Phillips, Bertha B016.02
Phillips, Bridget B100.02
Phillips, Helen Marr B283.04
Phillips, J. L. B240.03
Phillips, John 160691
Phillips, Laura B240.03
Phillips, Vincent 160694
Pickering, Abijah B228.01
Pickering, Arthur T. B228.06
Pickering, Hannah B228.04
Pickering, Iva M. B181.04
Pickering, J. B242.02
Pickering, John B228.02, B228.03
Pickering, Jonathan 50048
Pickering, Joseph B228.04
Pickering, L. J. 60005
Pickering, Luther J. B228.04
Pickering, Margaret A. B228.04
Pickering, Mary Jane B242.02
Pickering, Mattie B239.04
Pickering, Millie Ellen B121.04
Pickering, Miriam B228.02
Pickering, Rachel B228.04
Pickering, Rebecca B228.04
Pickering, Rhoda L. B228.06
Pickering, Riley B121.04
Pickering, Riley D. B228.04
Pickering, Susanna E. B228.04
Pickering, Vandela B228.06
Pickering, William R. B228.04
Pickett, Benjamin 30036
Pickett, M. 140020
Pickol, Christine B292.04
Pierce, - 10008
Pierce, Franklin 10007
Pierce, Hannah B093.02
Pierson, Geo. W. 160687
Pigg, S. N. 160716
Pike, - 10004, 10005
Pike, Albert 30010
Pingry, Mary M. B006.06
Pinnick, William 160685
Pinson, Esther B109.04
Pinson, J. F. B109.01
Pinson, John B109.02, B109.04
Pinson, Nora B109.04
Pinson, Rebecca B109.02
Pinson, Wallace B109.04
Pinson, Ward B109.04
Piper, Eura 60009
Pitkin, Edward P. B283.09
Pitkin, Esther Julia B283.09
Pitkin, Julia A. B283.09
Pitkin, William B283.09
Pitman, A. J. B236.03
Pitman, Eliza C. B236.03
Pitney, Elizabeth B183.06
Pittman, Edward 160683
Pittman, Reason 160677
Pitzer, James F. 30033
Pixley, W. B. 150030
Plumb, - 50105, 70023, 160980
Plumb, J. C. 130028
Plumb, P. B. B276.04
Plumb, Preston B. 50107
Plyler, Mary Jane B055.02
Plyler, P. W. B055.02
Poe, Dorcas B310.03
Poe, Dorcas M. B262.03, B294.04
Poe, Pleasant B310.03, B262.03, B294.04
Pollard, J. M. 140012
Pollock, Eva B068.05
Pollock, Margaret C. B150.02
Pollock, W. W. 160709
Polster, Rosina B118.02
Polster, Elizabeth B118.01, B118.02
Polster, J. G. B118.01
Polster, John B118.01
Polster, Mary B118.02
Polster, Mina B118.02
Polster, Theodore B118.02
Polster, Tobias B118.02
Pomeroy, - 40032
Pomeroy, S. C. 40038
Pond, - 130011, 130013, 130016
Pond, James M. 160676
Pond, Olive B012.02
Porgen, Katie B243.03
Porter, Anna B266.01
Porter, Annie B266.04
Porter, Armilda B266.04
Porter, Charles B245.04, B266.04
Porter, Emma B245.04, B266.04
Porter, Fannie B266.04
Porter, H. L. 160708
Porter, James B266.01
Porter, John B245.04, B266.04
Porter, Joseph B186.03
Porter, Nora B266.04
Porter, P. B. 160702
Porter, Queen B266.04
Porter, Ray B245.04, B266.04
Porter, Roy B245.04, B266.04
Porter, Stephen B266.04
Post, - 120010
Potter, Byron 30028
Potter, Elmira B318.05
Potter, George B030.02
Potter, Hattie L. B298.04
Potter, Margaret B190.03
Potter, O. O. 30038, 160696
Potter, W. A. B190.03
Pounds, William 160684
Powell, - 130006
Prame, - B194.06
Prather, Arthur B314.05
Prather, Cora B314.05
Prather, Edward B314.05
Prather, Emma Lou B314.05
Prather, Estella B314.05
Prather, Herbert B314.05
Prather, Lowell B314.05
Prather, Van B. B033.04
Prather, William B314.05
Pratt, - B103.02, B124.03
Prell, Lewis 30057, 120026
Prentiss, - 160980
Preston, J. S. 160707
Price, - B001.04, B097.03, B125.02, B183.02, B186.03
Price, C. D. 30038
Price, Charles J. 160686
Price, Christina B264.05
Price, Earl Cooper B023.07
Price, Editor 30045
Price, Harry B. B193.05
Price, Helen B023.07
Price, Herbert Williamson B023.07
Price, J. S. 130028, 160682
Price, Jessie June B023.07
Price, Laura May B023.07
Price, Laurence Wallace B023.07
Price, W. E. B023.07
Prinkle, Rachel B231.04
Pritchard, - 150017
Proctor, Francis S. B237.01
Proffitt, Charles E. B236.03
Proffitt, Daniel B236.03
Proffitt, Eliza C. B236.03
Proffitt, Elizabeth B236.02, B236.03
Proffitt, Esther B236.01, B236.03
Proffitt, Hiram B236.01, B236.03
Proffitt, Jeremiah B236.02
Proffitt, Jesse E. B236.03
Proffitt, John B236.03
Proffitt, Margaret B236.03
Proffitt, Mary J. B236.03
Proffitt, Matilda B236.03
Proffitt, Rufus M. B236.03
Proffitt, Solomon B236.03
Propp, Frederick B116.04
Propp, Mary Ellen B116.04
Protzman, Virginia B011.05
Prudom, Fanny B036.05
Prudom, Frank B036.05
Pryor, Irene B175.07
Pryor, J. B. 50086
Pryor, James 50080
Pryor, James B. 160717
Pryor, Mabel E. B175.07
Pryor, T. B. 150028, 150034, B175.07
Pryor, Thomas B. B175.07
Puckett, George 140020
Puckett, J. C. 160712
Pullen, - 100022
Pullen, J. J. 150028
Pulley, Geo. W. 160681
Pummell, John 160675
Purcell, H. C. B108.04
Purcell, Mary B108.04
Purnell, Elizabeth B016.01
Pursel, H. C. 50046, 50049, 50053, 50056
Putnam, Israel B269.05
Puttkamer, John B064.04
Pye, W. M. 150023, B174.05

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