History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Nace, Clarinda B042.06
Naffziger, Carrie B309.03
Naffziger, John B309.03
Nagle, Hannah B111.04
Nail, W. T. 160641
Narden, Louisa B070.07, B071.01
Nash, Albert R. B307.04
Nash, Arthur B307.06
Nash, Charles B307.06
Nash, Charles F. B307.04
Nash, Charlotta Jane B307.06
Nash, Clarinda B128.08
Nash, Dora B307.04
Nash, Edith B307.06
Nash, Edward B307.06
Nash, Everett B307.06
Nash, Frances B307.04
Nash, Fredrick B307.06
Nash, Helen B307.04
Nash, Helen M. B307.01
Nash, Ida B307.06
Nash, Judah B307.01, B307.03
Nash, M. J. 160647
Nash, Minnie B307.06
Nash, Timothy G. B128.08
Nash, William Albert B307.06
Nash, William R. B307.01, B307.04
Naylor, Blanche Ellen B023.02
Naylor, Braziller, L. B023.02
Naylor, J. C. 130008, 160637
Neal, Nellie E. B127.05
Neal, Robert D. 160636
Neale, Adelaide B103.03
Neale, Alfred B103.03
Neale, Clementine B103.03
Needles, Anna B129.02
Neff, Henry B054.04
Neff, Isabelle B054.04
Neff, James L. B054.04
Neff, Jennie B054.04
Neher, Anna B250.03
Nelson, Naomi B284.02
Nethercult, Rebecca S. B247.03
Nevins, Charles 20007
Nevins, Richard Jr. B008.07
Nevius, Nancy A. B170.05
Nevius, William B170.05
Newberry, Edward 160651
Newberry, Jessie B290.02
Newell, John W. 160652
Newhouse, F. N. 80028
Newhouse, J. M. 80028
Newman, Alexander B131.06
Newman, Caroline H. B131.06
Newman, Henry B252.04
Newman, Isaac 160640
Newman, Margaret B252.04
Newman, S. E. 160659
Newman, Sarah B131.04
Newmire, Geo. H. 160644
Newport, John W. 160658
Newton B144.04
Newton, - B025.01, B025.03
Newton, Brosie B157.07
Newton, Celia E. B303.02
Newton, Ditha B303.02
Newton, Ethel Pearl B303.04
Newton, Floyd B303.04
Newton, Frances B177.05
Newton, Frederick Earl B303.04
Newton, J. S. 70017
Newton, James Jasper B177.05<, B303.02
Newton, Jennie B058.02, B075.05, B303.04
Newton, Jesse M. B036.04
Newton, Jessie B036.04
Newton, Johnnie Carroll B303.04
Newton, Laura B036.04
Newton, Lonnie J. B303.04
Newton, Lulu 60008, B177.05
Newton, Maria B303.02
Newton, Maria Narcissa B177.05
Newton, Mary Ann B177.01, B303.02
Newton, Mary Frances B303.02
Newton, Mattie B303.04
Newton, Miranda Clementine B177.05, B303.02
Newton, Orpha B177.05
Newton, Orpha A. B303.02
Newton, Parelee B177.05
Newton, S. D. 30050, B058.02
Newton, Seely Elizabeth B177.05
Newton, Solomon D. B177.05, B303.01, B303.02
Newton, Wallace B157.07
Newton, William B177.05
Newton, William B. B303.02
Newton, William C. B303.02
Newton, William Carroll B177.01, B177.02
Nichols, - 140029, 140030
Nichols, C. D. 50036, 50038, 50041, 50044, 80023, 80024, 160642
Nichols, Emma J. B227.05
Nichols, Geo. W. 160650
Nichols, J. J. 160649
Nichols, May B072.06
Nichols, William R. B227.05
Nicholson, Alice F. B159.03
Nicholson, C. A. B159.03
Niemeier, Louise B179.05
Nissley, Martha B312.02
Nissley, Matt. B312.02
Noble, C. F. 130028
Noble, Catherine B101.01, B101.04, B101.05
Noble, Charles F. B023.07
Noble, Clara May B023.07
Noble, E. St. George 140011, 140016
Noble, Edwin St. George B101.01
Noble, Elbert 0. 160638
Noble, Emily B101.04
Noble, Emily Mary B101.02
Noble, Ernest Annesley B101.05
Noble, Helen Catherine B101.02
Noble, Ida Lee B023.07
Noble, Jane B039.03
Noble, John D'Oyly B101.02, B101.05
Noble, John D. B101.06
Noble, John Franklin B023.07
Noble, Maria Louisa B101.02
Noble, Nellie B039.03
Noble, Robert B101.02, B101.04, B101.05
Noble, Robert D'Oyly B101.02
Noble, Robert Kirkpatrick B101.05
Noble, S. O. 130028
Noble, Scott Osborne B023.07
Noble, Stafford D'Oyly B101.05
Noble, Sybil B101.03
Noble, Thomas B039.03
Noble, William Henry B101.02, B101.03, B101.04
Noble,Robert B101.01
Noblel, James Burrowes B101.05
Noel, P. G. 50031
Noell, L. J. 160648
Nolan, James A. 160656
Nolan, John 160655
Nolan, Kate B181.04
Noredike, Charles B227.05
Noredike, Julia B227.05
Norman, Mary B160.02
Norris, Edward 160653
Norris, J. O. 50035
Norris, James 30039, 160639
North, Catherine B235.02
North, Catherine E. B235.03
North, Charles Allen B235.03
North, Emma May B235.03
North, Jasper B235.02
North, John Jasper B235.03
North, Levi B235.02
North, Lucretia B311.04
North, Malcolm James B235.03
North, Minnie B307.06
North, Nancy B235.03
North, Nannie B311.04
North, Robert B235.02
North, Thomas B235.02
North, William B311.04, B235.01
North, William H. 160646
North, William Henry B235.03
Northcut, - 140012
Northrup, Benjamin B047.02
Northrup, Clarissa B047.02
Northrup, Fred C. 70017
Northrup, Fred D. B047.01
Norton, Amos B063.01, B063.02
Norton, B. F. 50009, 50030
Norton, Claude B063.07
Norton, E. 160645
Norton, Elizabeth B063.01
Norton, Little Ben B063.02
Norton, Mary A. B063.07
Norton, Maude B063.07
Norton, W. H. 50009
Norton, W. S. 50064, 70037, 100035, 120025, 120028, 130008, 160657, B063.01, B113.01
Nottingham, John 160643
Nowlin, Lewis 160660
Nugent, Jane B019.02
Nunn, Ingram 160654
Nusbaum, C. S. B035.04
Nuss, Mary B048.04

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