History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Mabley, Randolph 160609
Macdonald, A. 70037
Macdonald, C. S. 70037
Mackey, - B097.03
Mackie, - 100022
Mackie, D. 100012, 150028, 150030, 150034
Mackie, D. Jr. 150030, 150034
Mackie, David Jr. 60012,B175.07
Mackie, David Sr. B290.04, B296.01, B321.04
Mackie, Elsie B175.07
Mackie, Emma R. B175.07
Mackie, George K. 150028, 150030, 150034
Mackie, Jennie P. B290.04
Mackie, Mabel B175.07
Mackie, Mary Jane B039.02
Macy, E. T. 160560
Macy, Edna B114.05
Macy, Edward B114.05
Maddax, Elizabeth A. B252.03
Maddox, Phoebe B163.05
Maddox, Thomas B252.03
Madison, - 160980
Madison, Maurace 160580
Mahan, J. 160558
Mahan, R. S. 50066, 70017, 150028
Mahan, Wm. J. 160540
Maher, John M. 30030
Mahon, Mary B068.05
Mahood, J. C. 30063
Major, A. L. 70037
Majors, A. L. B104.01
Majors, E. W. B104.01, B104.02
Majors, Elizabeth E. B104.01, B104.02
Maline, Alvaretta B036.05
Maline, John B036.05
Mallo, John B179.02
Mallo, Margaret B179.02
Malon, Margaret B064.01
Malott, William 160584
Manifold, Beale B192.05
Manifold, Charles F. B192.06
Manifold, Elizabeth B192.05, B192.06
Manifold, Frances E. B192.06
Manifold, India B192.04
Manifold, India B192.06
Manifold, Joseph B192.05, B192.05
Manifold, Moses B192.05
Manifold, Samuel B192.05, B192.06
Manifold, Susan B192.05
Manley, Sarah B007.04
Manley, Walter O. B007.04
Manlove, S. L. 160541
Manly, John B275.04
Manly, Nancy B275.04
Mann, Charles W. 160549
Mann, Martin 160548
Mann, Martin J. 70020
Mann, Mary A. B279.05
Mann, Peter B279.05
Mantonia, Fannie B057.04
Mantonia, William B057.04
March, William 30051, 160546, 170035
Marey, - 120011
Marion, Francis B262.02, B294.03
Mark, Sarah B134.01
Markell, Ada Kate B283.03
Markey, Ella B073.02
Markham, Ann B290.01, B290.02
Markham, Charles C. B290.02
Markham, David Wesley B290.04
Markham, Effie B290.02
Markham, Ella B290.02
Markham, H. A. 30028
Markham, Jennie P. B290.04
Markham, Jessie B290.02
Markham, Orilla B074.01
Markham, R. 150034
Markham, R. M. 70017, 150028
Markham, Robert Marion B290.01
Markham, Wesley B290.01
Marlett, C. E. B177.05
Marlett, Miranda B177.05
Marlette, C. E. B303.02
Marlette, Miranda Clementine B303.02
Marlna, Job 160587
Marmaduke, - B001.04
Marriott, Emily B101.04
Marriott, Frederick B101.04
Marsh, George Perkins B269.10
Marsh, Kate B027.05
Marshall, Carrie B054.05
Marshall, D. T. 160564
Marshall, Georgia B054.05
Marshall, James B132.01
Marshall, Louise B054.05
Marshall, Sherry W. B054.05
Martien, Nannette B088.03
Martin, - 30045, 50095, 50102, 70036
Martin, Allie B299.04
Martin, B. W. 30055, 120017
Martin, Bertha B299.04
Martin, C. C. 160593
Martin, D. R. 50032, 60015, 70009, 160591
Martin, E. L. 110030
Martin, Elizabeth B059.01, B059.02
Martin, Ella Susan B147.05
Martin, Ethel B299.04
Martin, Euretta I. B299.04
Martin, George 30052, 120026
Martin, J. B. 140011
Martin, Jacob 30034
Martin, John B032.09
Martin, John A. B174.04
Martin, Joseph T. 30031
Martin, Mollie B268.02
Martin, Morris B299.04
Martin, P. S. 160552
Martin, S. S. B035.04
Martin, Thomas A. B147.05
Martin, Tillie B183.06
Martin, W. H. 160545
Martin, W. S. 30033
Martin, William 60006, B059.02
Martin, William B299.04
Martindale, Martha B038.01
Mason, E. M. 50041, 60015
Mason, John A. 160590
Massmer, Jake 140007
Mast, Amos 160599
Mast, John R. 160573
Masters, Charles E. 30062
Masters, John G. 160598
Masters, Pearl 60006
Masters, William 30062, 160557
Matheney, W. M. 50031, 50036
Matheney, William 50011
Matheny, W. M. 70020, 70036, 80008
Matheny, William 70020
Mather, Emily B318.02, B318.04
Mather, Lucretia B318.04
Mather, Sidney B318.04
Matteson, J. R. B319.02
Matteson, Josephine B319.02
Matthews, Geo. W. 160568
Matthews, Rita B297.01
Matthews, S. B. 30030
Mattocks, Elizabeth B183.06
Mattocks, John G. B183.06
Mattocks, Rachel B183.06
Maver, - 120010
Maxey, J. T. 50043
Maxton, Rose 30050
Maxwell, - 40059, B279.02
Maxwell, Elizabeth B181.01
Maxwell, N. H. 160565
Maxwell, Nancy B235.03
May, C. H. 30066
May, H. G. 30029
May, J. W. 50055
May, Thomas 30035
Mayer, Jacob M. 160542
Mayer, John M. 160570
Mayes, R. J. 160592
Mayhew, Minnie B058.05
Mayhew, Sarah B058.05
Mayhood, J. C. 160595
Maynard, A. K. B168.06, B255.04
Maynard, Olive B168.01, B168.06, B255.04
Mayo, - 120013
Mays, John 160585

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