History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Labedie, C. H. 160497
Lacock, Gertrude 60004
Ladd, Catherine B162.05
Ladue, Elva B182.05
Laizure, Charles B231.05
Laizure, Edward B231.05
Laizure, Elizabeth B231.03
Laizure, Francis M. B231.05
Laizure, George W. B231.05
Laizure, J. T. B231.01
Laizure, James D. B231.05
Laizure, Lovinia B231.04
Laizure, Mary B231.05
Laizure, Rachel A. B231.05
Laizure, William B231.03
Laizure, William H. B231.05
Lake, T. D. 30037
Lakey, John 160539
Lamaster, Alexander W. B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Edna B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Elizabeth B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Elzada B067.05
Lamaster, Ernest B070.07
Lamaster, James W. B067.01, B070.02, B070.04
Lamaster, Joel Garwood B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Katherine B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Nancy B067.02, B070.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Sallie B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Susan B070.07, B071.02
Lamaster, Tennie May B070.07
Lamaster, William A. B067.02, B071.02
Lamaster, William Alexander B070.01
Lamaster, Zarelda B067.02, B070.02
Lamaster, Zella May B067.05
Lamb, A. 30027
Lamb, Avery 160499
Lamb, E. 160492
Lamb, W. P. 70036
Lammey, S. Y. 160509
Lamson, H. T. 160507
Landers, John B. 160524
Landis, Nancy B092.01
Landon, W. 160511
Landstrum, Alfred 30030
Lane, - 40032
Lane, Edward 140040
Lane, Ella B034.05
Lane, J. E. B034.05
Lane, J. W. S. 160513
Lane, James H. 30010
Lane, Laura E. B081.04
Lane, Mary B271.05
Lane, Melinda B226.03
Lane, Sarah B149.03
Lane, T. V. 50037
Lane, W. H. B149.03
Langlass, Nicholas 160537
Langworthy, Cyrus B155.07
Langworthy, Edward B155.06
Langworthy, James L. B155.06
Langworthy, Lucius B155.06
Langworthy, Mary A. B155.05
Langworthy, Oella P. B155.06
Langworthy, P. L. B155.05
Langworthy, Solon B155.06
Langworthy, Stephen B155.06
Langworthy, Stephen C. B155.07
Langworthy, William A. B155.07
Lanier, - 140020
Lanning, George B171.03
Lanning, Kate B171.03
Lansdon, Atalanta B083.05
Lansdon, Charles H. B083.05
Lansdon, Clarence 30045
Lansdon, Etta B083.05
Lansdon, Henry B083.05
Lansdon, Laura J. B083.05
Lansdon, Mary F. B083.05
Lansdon, W. C. B083.05
Lanstrum, A. A. 160532
Lappin, - 120010
Larcum, Lee 160536
Larimer, J. S. B027.04
Larimer, Mary Ann B027.04
Larremore, Joseph 160503
Larrimer, Anna E. B320.02
Larson, Elsie B198.03
Larson, Hannah B198.03
Larson, Lars B198.03
LaRue, Aaron B065.01
LaRue, Elizabeth B065.06
LaRue, Ella Hughes B060.03
LaRue, H. A. B024.03, B060.01, B065.04
LaRue, Robert H. B060.03
LaRue, T. P. 120017, 120028, 160505, B008.07, B060.01, B060.02, B065.01
Lathrop, Anson E. B096.01, B096.03, B096.04
Lathrop, Catherine B096.03
Lathrop, Edwin A. B096.03
Lathrop, Frances Marian B096.06
Lathrop, Francis Marion B096.03
Lathrop, Hamilton Beebe B096.01, B096.03
Lathrop, Mary B096.01, B096.06
Lathrop, Minnie Beebe B096.06
Lathrop, Viva E. B096.06
Lathrop, William Anson B096.06
Lathrup, Fred B096.06
Laughlin, W. R. 40025
Lauther, Alta B278.06
Law, Rachel A. B231.05
Lawder, Florence B150.06
Lawrence, William 30012, 30022, 40036, 40039, 40040, B069.03
Lawson, Annie B094.05
Lawton, - 120017
Lawton, Richard H. 120017
Layne, W. H. P0001, 30033, 30050, 50055, 50056, 50059
Laysure, Sarah B116.02
Le Grand, Lucinda A. B058.01
Lea, A. T. 30054, 80017, 80018, 80019, 80020, 120043, 160521, B054.03
Lea, Asa 80020, B054.05
Lea, Georgia B054.05
Lea, Sherry E. B054.05
Lea, W. J. 80018
Leake, E. W. 30037
Leake, Geo. W. 160491
Lear, Nancy B067.02, B070.02
Lease, Mary Ellen 160980
Leckner, Charity B304.05
Lee, - B245.02
Lee, J. N. 40091, 120004
Lee, Lizzie B186.07
Lee, Margaret B285.04
Leedy, - 50095
Leeper, J. E. 140011
Leeper, John S. 160508
Leeper, Nellie B260.09
Leerney, M. C 160494
Lees, John 160502
Lees, William 160515
Leggett, E. J. 50050, 50050, 60015, 160516
Legrand, Lucinda A. B075.05
Leidig, Rebecca B111.02
Lemley, Amanda B167.04
Lemly, Jacob B132.01
Leonard, Esther F. B141.02
Leonard, Homer B141.02
Lepage, Rachel B306. 04
Leslie, Thomas 160500
Levering, - 50081
Lewelling, - 50095
Lewelling, L. D. B015.06
Lewis, David D. 160531
Lewis, J. D. 50044, 70036
Lewis, J. W. 160501
Lewis, Jessie B157.04
Lewis, John 140011
Lewis, Lydia B157.01, B157.04
Lewis, T. C. 150034
Lewis, Warren 160538
Lewis, Wesley 140011
Lewis, William 30034
Lewis, Zarelda B067.02, B070.02
Lewis,- B021.02
Liddell, Robert 140014
Lieth, Ida B111.04
Lieth, William B111.04
Liff, Wilson 150016, 160504
Lightfoot, Katherine B067.02, B070.02
Lilly, Eli B165.03
Lincoln, - 170008, B049.02, B305.01
Lincoln, Abraham B195.02
Lincoln, Charlotte B054.01
Lincoln, Edward B054.01
Lincoln, Hugh 70011
Lindley, Alfred R. B279.05
Lindley, Experience B048.02
Lindley, Lizzie B279.05
Lindley, Mary B279.05
Lindley, Mary A. B279.05
Lindley, Ransom B279.05
Lindley, Samuel F. B279.05
Lindsay, H. C. B056.04
Lindsey, J. W. 160518
Link, Caterine B172.01
Linn, - B169.07
Lisle, A. B. 160528
Lisle, Anna 30053, B029.06
Lisle, Clemmons 30034
Lisle, Lamenta B029.06
Lisle, Penina 30036
Lisle, Slem B029.01
Lisle, Slemons 50037, 50039, 120026, 120035
Little, Emily B023.07
Little, J. C. 30064
Little, John 50033
Little, John H. 50034
Little, Sarah B023.07
Little, Thomas B023.07
Little, William 50009, 50010, 50030, 50031, 70020, 70021, 160510, 170029
Lively, Bryan B036.05
Lively, Flora B036.05
Locer, William 160496
Locke, A. W. 160522
Logan, (daughter) B072.06
Logan, A. A. B072.01
Logan, Carl B072.06
Logan, Carmin B072.06
Logan, Combs B072.06
Logan, F. M. 50009, 50009, 50030, 70020
Logan, J. Wilbur 30042, 120026, 120028, B072.01, B260.08
Logan, John B072.06
Logan, John A. 40041, 40042, B041.05, B235.02, B320.02
Logan, Lucinda B072.01
Logan, Mary B304.02
Logan, May B072.06
Logan, Robert B304.02
Logan, Wilbur J. B061.03, B061.04
Long, - 10005
Long, Chester I. 160980
Long, Mary B229.01
Long, Mary A. B155.05
Long, Matthew 160506
Long, R. A. 50099, 120017, 120026
Long, Robert Alexander B076.01
Long, Sedrick 160495
Longer, Lucretia B311.04
Longly, G W. 160512
Lopp, Charles W. 160530
Lopp, Lucy B268.02
Losey, Ida B124.05
Loucks, Cornelius 160526
Louderback, A. 160498
Lougee, Betsey B119.03
Lougee, Mary M. B119.03
Lougee, Peter B119.03
Louther, Arnold 160534
Love, F. 160490
Love, James 160489
Lovelace, America M. B239.04
Lovelady, Dora B158.02
Lovelady, T. B. B158.02
Lowdermilk, G. E. B127.02
Lowdermilk, Henrietta B127.02
Lowdermilk, R. C. 70017
Lowdermilk, Z. H. 140011
Lowe, - 70025, 120011
Lowe, D. P. 70021
Lowe, Martha Ann B086.01
Lowe, W. A. 160519
Lowrey, B. R. B271.02
Lowrey, Catherine B271.02
Lowry, W. B. 30056, 80027, 80032, 80037, 120028
Lowry, William T. B125.04
Lowry, Willie T. B125.04
Lucas, - B012.01
Lucas, Edward 160514
Lucas, J. H. 50031
Lucas, J. Holmes B170.05
Lucas, Lutetia S. B170.05
Lucas, Mary B062.01
Lucas, T. B. 160517
Lucas, W. H. 70037, B012.04
Luckett, Nancy B252.04
Luckett, William B252.04
Luckey, - 40085
Luckey, Ada B041.06
Luckey, Adda B041.06
Luckey, Ai B041.06
Luckey, Anthony W. B041.06
Luckey, Bertha B041.06
Luckey, Edward B041.06
Luckey, Emma B041.06
Luckey, Faith B041.06
Luckey, Harvey E. B041.06
Luckey, James M. B041.04
Luckey, Jeremiah B041.01
Luckey, Jerry P0001, 160529, B041.01
Luckey, Joseph C. B041.04
Luckey, Joshua B041.04
Luckey, Lawrence B041.06
Luckey, Lizzie B041.06
Luckey, Mararet B041.04
Luckey, Mary Jane B041.04
Luckey, Mary T. B041.06
Luckey, Nora B041.06
Luckey, Roy B041.06
Luckey, Sarah E. B041.04
Luckey, William B041.04
Luckey, William M. B041.06
Lucky, John 160520
Ludlow, J. H. 50035, 70022, 120006, 160523
Ludlow, John S. 160525
Lundin, Edith May B198.03
Lundin, Hannah B198.03
Lundin, Helen Anna B198.03
Lundin, John B198.01
Lundin, Maud Elizabeth B198.03
Lunsford, I. G. 160488
Lutes, E. D. 30034, 160527
Luther, Charles 160493
Lydick, Alice B132.04
Lydick, Isaac B132.04
Lyerla, Aaron B055.01
Lyerla, Adah Heletha B055.05
Lyerla, Calvin B055.02
Lyerla, Delilah B055.01, B055.02
Lyerla, Elsie Addie Euphemia B055.05
Lyerla, Euphemia Alice B055.05
Lyerla, Eva Delilah B055.05
Lyerla, F. C. B128.08
Lyerla, Jacob B055.02
Lyerla, Margaret E. B055.02
Lyerla, Mary Jane B055.02
Lyerla, Nellie B128.08
Lyerla, Richard B055.02
Lyerla, Samuel S. B055.06
Lyerla, Sarah Ann B055.02
Lyerla, Sarah Catherine B055.05
Lyerla, Solomon B055.01, B055.02
Lyerla, Walter S. B055.05
Lyerla, William R. B055.02, B055.05
Lykens, W. C. 120006
Lyman, Susan Marsh B269.10
Lynch, - 170012
Lynch, A. 30034
Lynn, - 30009, B001.03
Lyons, T. A. 160535
Lyons, W. E. 160533
Lyons, W. E. C. 80005

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