History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Jackson, A. M. 30045, 160980
Jackson, Andrew B025.01
Jackson, Catherine L. B279.02
Jackson, Charles B183.03
Jackson, Elvis B. 160458
Jackson, F. A. 50068, 50073, 120026
Jackson, Phillip 160448
Jaco, Benj. F. 160459
Jacobs, Hortense B027.04
Jacobs, J. H. B027.04
Jacobs, J. W. 30052
Jacobs, John 160431
Jacobs, Louisa B111.02
James, Ava B172.04
James, Calvin 30036
James, W. F. 160450
Jameson, A. J. 30058
Jane, J. W. 30050
Janes, J. W. 70017
Janeway, Seth B228.04
Janeway, Susanna E. B228.04
Janey, Stephen 160460
Jarbo, - 80025
Jarrett, Allen B042.06
Jarrett, Clarinda B042.06
Jarrett, Estel B042.06
Jarrett, John 140020
Jarrett, John F. 160453
Jarrett, M. F. 50060, 50064, 60015
Jarrett, Michael 160455
Jarrett, Robert B042.06
Jarrett, W. D. 160452
Jarvis, - 120026, B060.02
Jarvis, W. V. 160435
Jarvis, William 160464
Jefferson, - 30010
Jeffries, Elias B248.02
Jeffries, Elizabeth B248.01, B248.02
Jenkins, - 120012
Jenkins, Anna B029.06
Jenkins, Emanuel B057.04
Jenkins, Eva B057.04
Jenkins, F. F. 160457
Jenkins, Henry 100022
Jenkins, J. H. 50082, 50086
Jenkins, John 160444
Jenkins, John H. 160468
Jenkins, Maria B138.01
Jennings, - 30036
Jessup, Alpha B229.04
Jessup, Daniel A. B229.01, B229.03
Jessup, Doyle B229.03
Jessup, Frederick B229.03
Jessup, Grant B229.03
Jessup, Iva B229.03
Jessup, Lillie B229.03
Jessup, Mary B229.01
Jessup, Solomon P. B229.01, B229.02, B229.03
Jessup, William B229.03
Jeter, Geo. S. 160467
Jewell, C. W. 50009, 50030
Jewett, A. L. B279.06
Jewett, Delbert Leon B279.06
Jewett, Frank 120012
Jewett, Mamie B279.06
Joachim, G. M. 160445
Johnessee, Frank B158.02
Johnessee, Martha B158.02
Johnessee, Mary Ann B158.02
Johnessee, Mary T. B158.02
Johnessee, Silas B158.01
Johnessee, Sylvester B158.02
Johnson, - 30010, 40032, 120026
Johnson, A. C. B195.01
Johnson, A. M. 160447
Johnson, A. P. 160469
Johnson, Albert B009.05
Johnson, Alexander B319.01
Johnson, Andrew B310.04
Johnson, B. W. B147.02
Johnson, Bertha B009.05
Johnson, Christopher B086.02
Johnson, Clara B195.04
Johnson, Clarence A. B319.04
Johnson, Dean A. B319.04
Johnson, E. M. 160462
Johnson, Edden M. B195.04
Johnson, Edith B319.04
Johnson, Elias 160432, B105.05
Johnson, Ellen B095.04
Johnson, Elmo J. B195.04
Johnson, Elvira B147.02
Johnson, Emma Jane B170.03
Johnson, Forda B195.04
Johnson, Grace B195.04
Johnson, Hattie E. B086.02
Johnson, Huldah B027.04
Johnson, J. R. 160449
Johnson, Jacob B195.01, B195.02
Johnson, James 160443
Johnson, John A. B170.03
Johnson, John H. B319.04
Johnson, John Oscar B319.01
Johnson, Josephine B319.02
Johnson, Katherine B095.04
Johnson, L. P. 30037
Johnson, Laura Elberta B195.04
Johnson, Louisa B194.02
Johnson, Mabel M. B319.04
Johnson, Mahala B087.05
Johnson, Mamie B194.05
Johnson, Margaret B194.05
Johnson, Martha B319.01, B319.02
Johnson, Mary B194.02
Johnson, Mary Alma B105.05
Johnson, Mary Z. B280.05
Johnson, Matilda B105.05
Johnson, Michael B095.04
Johnson, Nelson B194.05
Johnson, Nettie B156.06
Johnson, P. B. B194.01, B194.02
Johnson, R. O. B087.05
Johnson, Robert B194.05
Johnson, S. 140035
Johnson, Sadie B194.05
Johnson, Sarah Jane B195.01, B195.02
Johnson, Shelly 160437
Johnson, Susan E. B141.02
Johnson, Thomas 160454
Johnson, W. N. B194.01
Johnson, W. P. 160434
Johnson, Walter W. B319.04
Johnson, William 40036, 150009, 160441, B141.02
Johnson,Rebecca B194.01
Johnston, - B098.04
Johnston, Albert Sidney 30009
Johnston, Alta B099.03
Johnston, Aurthur B172.05
Johnston, Carl B172.05
Johnston, Daniel 30032
Johnston, Ella B172.02, B172.04
Johnston, George L. B172.02
Johnston, Gertrude B172.05
Johnston, J. O. B172.01
Johnston, John A. B172.01, B172.02
Johnston, Lulu B172.05
Johnston, Millile B098.04
Johnston, Mollie B172.04
Johnston, Nellie B016.05
Johnston, Wesley B172.04
Johnston, William R. B172.02
Jonas, John 160456
Joncs, Wm. L. 160439
Jones, - 170021, B167.03
Jones, Alice B182.02
Jones, Ammon B182.02
Jones, Ammon K. B182.03
Jones, Bertha B108.07, B182.05
Jones, C. M. 70017
Jones, Catherine K. B037.02
Jones, Charles B. B108.04
Jones, Charles M. B182.01
Jones, Clara B. B108.07
Jones, Clem H. 70017
Jones, Clemuel H. B182.03
Jones, Commodore B182.02
Jones, D. M. B108.01
Jones, Daniel 160440
Jones, David W. 160451
Jones, Dorcas B182.02
Jones, E. William 70017
Jones, Edgar A. B108.07
Jones, Edward B161.04
Jones, Elizabeth E. B037.02
Jones, Ella B182.05
Jones, Elva B182.05
Jones, Emma B314.06
Jones, Ernest B161.04
Jones, F. J. 30039
Jones, Fannie B182.05
Jones, Fred B. B037.05
Jones, Freda B161.04
Jones, H. C. 80022
Jones, Hannah B155.01
Jones, Helen M. B108.04
Jones, Henry Arthur B037.05
Jones, Henry D. B037.02
Jones, Ida May B161.04
Jones, J. A. B108.01, B108.03
Jones, J. D. 160470
Jones, J. K. 170019, 170020, 170023
Jones, J. T. 50068
Jones, J. W. 160465
Jones, Jacob K. B037.01, B037.02
Jones, Jacob K. Jr. B037.04
Jones, James B. 160438
Jones, James R. B037.04
Jones, John B. B037.04
Jones, John F. B037.02
Jones, John M. B108.04
Jones, Josephine B108.04
Jones, Kate B164.03
Jones, L. D. 160446
Jones, Laura J. B037.04
Jones, Lavina B252.03
Jones, Lawrence Raymond B108.07
Jones, Leota B161.04
Jones, M. A. 160442
Jones, M. S. I. B037.04
Jones, Margaret Ann B037.02
Jones, Margaret J. B230.02
Jones, Martha B182.02
Jones, Mary B108.01, B108.04
Jones, Mary B. B037.02
Jones, Mary Elizabeth B037.05
Jones, Matilda B182.02
Jones, Nancy B037.02
Jones, Nancy E. B037.04
Jones, Orrin S. 160463
Jones, Porter B182.03
Jones, Porter E. B182.02
Jones, R. D. 60004
Jones, R. M. B314.06
Jones, Rachel B228.04
Jones, Robert H. 160466
Jones, Robert M. 160461
Jones, Sarah C. B182.01, B182.03
Jones, Solomon H. B037.02
Jones, Solomon LeRoy B037.05
Jones, W. C. 50039, 50045
Jones, W. Dudley B182.03
Jones, W. S. B182.03
Jones, W. Sam 70017
Jones, William B182.03
Jones, William B. B037.02, B182.01, B182.02, B182.03
Jones, William F. B037.04
Jones, Wm. W. 160436
Jones, Wyatt B. B037.04
Jonson, W. N. 70017
Jonston, Alta B172.05
Jonston, Carrie B172.05
Jonston, Catherine B172.01
Jonston, Fred B172.05
Jordan, J. M. 30029
Jordan, J. W. 160433
Jordan, Mattie B059.05
Jorden, Anna B023.02
Joy, - 40034, 40081, 30011, 30022
Joy, James F. 40030, 30023, 40036, 40039, 50003, 80023, 100067, 110007, B063.04
Joy, James F. B136.03
Julian, George W. 30012, 40036
Junkens, Deuard F. B164.03
Junkens, Harriet B164.03
Junkens, John B164.01
Junkens, John H. B164.01
Junkens, Kate B164.03
Junkens, Mary B164.01
Justice, Augusta B039.05
Justice, Emma J. B126.04
Juvinal, Charles D. B098.02
Juvinal, Laura H. B098.02

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