History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Hoag, - 70014, 150023, 170034
Hoag, Agnes B257.06
Hoag, Arthur B257.02
Hoag, Arthur C. B257.06
Hoag, Ashel W. B257.01
Hoag, C. W. P0001, 70011, 70017, 150017, 170030, 170031, 170033
Hoag, Celestine B257.01
Hoag, Clark W. B257.01
Hoag, Evelyn B257.06
Hoag, Fred B257.06
Hoag, Harold B257.06
Hoag, Hazel B257.06
Hoag, Laura B257.02
Hoag, Maud B257.06
Hoag, Oscar B257.02
Hoag, Wilber C. B257.02
Hoag, Wilbur B257.02
Hobson, Albert 160361
Hobson, Clara B317.04
Hobson, James B317.04
Hodge, - 120026
Hodgin, Emma B239.02
Hodgins, J. B. 50033, 50039
Hodgkins, Edward 160354
Hodson, Anna B129.04
Hodson, Elam B129.04
Hoffman, John 150014
Hoffmire, Florence E. B155.05
Hoffmire, Jennie Irene B155.05
Hoffmire, Mary A. B155.05
Hoffmire, Oella P. B155.06
Hoffmire, William B082.04
Hoffmire, William B155.01
Hoffmire, William L. B155.05
Hogan, Rosa B162.05
Hogg, Abigail B020.01
Hogg, Abigail J. B020.06
Hogg, Adam B020.02
Hogg, Archibald B020.02
Hogg, B. F. 50050, 160362
Hogg, Benjamin F. B020.01, B020.03
Hogg, George B020.01, B020.02
Hogg, James B020.06
Hogg, John 30056, B020.06
Hogg, Robert 150014, 150022
Hogue, Kansas Rebecca B250.04
Hohnsbeen, A. B085.05
Hohnsbeen, Elizabeth B085.05
Hohnsbeen, Ernst B085.05
Hohnsbeen, Ernst C. B085.01
Hohnsbeen, Fred D. B085.05
Hohnsbeen, Frederick B085.04
Hohnsbeen, Fredericka B085.04
Hohnsbeen, John B085.05
Hohnsbeen, Zella B085.05
Hoke, Candee C. B016.05
Holbrook, - B001.05
Holbrook, D. C. 80005
Holcomb, Belle B256.01
Holcomb, E. 30038
Holden, Peter F. 30022
Holdway, Hezekiah B262.05
Holdway, Sarah J. B226.04, B262.05
Holladay, Edith C. B145.04
Holladay, Maria B145.04
Holladay, William B145.04
Hollenback, Susan B296.04
Hollingsworth, charles B266.04
Hollingsworth, I. B. 160408
Hollingsworth, Ivan B266.04
Hollingsworth, Mabel B266.04
Hollingsworth, Nora B266.04
Holmes, Henry 160423
Holmes, Jennie B136.05
Holmes, L. M. 30057
Holt, Anna B253.05
Holt, Cathrine B121.04
Holt, David B121.01, B121.02, B145.04
Holt, E. E. 150014
Holt, Ephraim B253.01
Holt, Ephraim Edward B253.01
Holt, Henry B121.02
Holt, John B121.02
Holt, Joseph 160421
Holt, Joseph S. B121.01
Holt, Julia A. B253.01
Holt, Michael B121.02
Holt, Millie Ellen B121.04
Holt, Nancy B121.01
Holt, Nicholas B121.02
Holt, Orvilla B121.04
Holt, Robert B121.02
Holt, Sally B121.02
Holt, Stella B121.04
Holt, William B121.02
Holt,David H. B121.04
Hood, A. 120025, 120026, 120035, B032.01
Hood, Archibald 160368, B032.02, B043.01
Hood, Bessie B043.04
Hood, Edgar C. B032.02, B032.08, B043.04
Hood, George W. B032.02, B032.05
Hood, Grace B043.04
Hood, Harry C. B043.04
Hood, J. K. B043.06
Hood, Mary B043.04
Hood, Mary A. B032.02
Hood, Wilson K. B032.02, B043.04
Hook, Matthias 30052, 160406
Hooper, Fredonia B273.05
Hooper, Harry B273.05
Hooper, J. W. 150030
Hooper, Julia B321.05
Hooten, - 120012
Hoover, - B004.02
Hoover, Frank 50082, 50086, 120026
Hoover, Frank B004.02
Hope, James B089.02
Hope, Mary B089.02
Hopkins, Samuel 160356
Hord, Addie B098.02
Hord, Amaziah B098.02
Hord, Bailey B098.02
Hord, C. M. 120026
Hord, Charles M. B098.01, B098.02
Hord, Jennie M. B098.02
Hord, Laura H. B098.02
Hord, Mary J. B098.01
Hord, Millie B098.04
Hord, Peyton B098.01
Hord, Thomas B. B098.02
Horn, Maria B271.02
Horn, Nellie B080.04
Horn, William Van B271.02
Horne, Mary Ann B157.04
Horner, William 30033
Hornor, - 80010
Hornor, A. S. 130028
Hornor, Adelaide B103.03
Hornor, W. H. 50044, 70036, 130008, B030.19
Hornor, William Henry B103.01
Hough, S. W. B059.05
Houk, Howard B154.04
Houk, J. B. B154.04
Houk, Louise B154.04
Householder, M. A. 50071, 50080, 50089, 120026
Houser, Charles B163.03
Houser, Mary B163.03
Housholder, David B015.02
Housholder, Forest A. B015.07
Housholder, Francis Marion B015.02
Housholder, M. A. 30045, 30063, 80027, 120026, 120028, B015.01
Housholder, Mabel M. B015.07
Housholder, Mary J. B015.07
Housholder, Rachel B015.02
Housholder, Vale I. B015.07
Housholder, Valley Fern B015.07
Housholder, Victor Hugo B015.07
Houston, - 120010
Houston, Anna B039.05
Houston, Arrie B039.05
Houston, Augusta B039.05
Houston, Benj. 160382
Houston, Caleb B039.05
Houston, Carrie B039.05
Houston, Jacob A. B039.05
Houston, Otis B039.05
Houston, W. J. 30061
Houston, William B039.05
Houx, - B064.03
Houx, J. O. 30059, 120006, 120026, B113.03
Houx, Mable Clair B113.03
Hovey, - 150029
Howard, Clarence W. B086.02
Howard, Francis Wilson B086.02
Howard, General B009.02
Howard, Hattie E. B086.02
Howard, Henry Alen B086.02
Howard, James B086.02
Howard, James R. 160400
Howard, Laura J. B086.02
Howard, Martha Ann B086.01
Howard, Mary B262.01, B262.02,y B294.03, B310.02, B310.03
Howard, Mary Eveline B086.02
Howard, Robert B. B086.02
Howard, Samuel C. B086.01
Howard, Wesley 30030, B086.01, B086.02
Howard, William A. B086.02
Howe, Lord B269.05
Howell, - B047.03
Howell, E. P. B047.01
Howey, Henry 30053
Howey, Thomas A. 160360
Hoy, Chloe A. B126.04
Hoy, John W. 160424
Hoy, Joseph 140007
Hoyt, G. W. 50056
Hoyt, George 120006
Hoyt, George W. 30029
Hubbard, Aaron B168.03, B255.03
Hubbard, Annie B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, Arthur Leroy B168.01, B255.04, B293.05
Hubbard, Calvin B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, Cartherine B168.06
Hubbard, David B168.02, B255.02
Hubbard, David Albert B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, Eva B168.06
Hubbard, Flora 60005, B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, Francis M. B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, H. R. 30035, 50050, 50060, 50107, 50107, 160392
Hubbard, Harold B168.06
Hubbard, J. A. 50043, 160387
Hubbard, J. C. 50069, 50073, 160350
Hubbard, John C. B168.06
Hubbard, John Clabourn B255.01
Hubbard, John Clabourne B168.01, B168.02, B168.03, B168.04
Hubbard, Joseph B168.02, B255.01, B255.02
Hubbard, Katherine B168.06
Hubbard, Marjorie B168.06
Hubbard, Mary Ellen B168.02, B255.01, B255.02
Hubbard, Minnie B255.04
Hubbard, Minnie B293.05
Hubbard, Minnie M. B168.07
Hubbard, Minnie Van B168.06
Hubbard, Nancy B168.02
Hubbard, Nancy B255.02
Hubbard, Olive B168.01, B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, Walter G. B168.06, B255.04
Hubbard, William G. B168.02, B255.02
Hubble, O. 160377
Hudson, - 120010
Hudson, A. 30032
Hudson, Alexander B022.05
Hudson, C. M. B310.05
Hudson, Elizabeth B310.05
Hudson, Mary B022.05
Hudson, Maude B050.02
Hudson, W. H. 160383
Huey, J. W. 160364
Huff, John 30060, 160402
Huffington, Geo. 160418
Huffman, - 120026
Huffman, C. F. B056.04
Huffman, C. S. 50077, 70017, B069.05
Huffman, Minnie B069.05
Huffman, William 160428
Huggins, Geo. M. 160374
Hughes, Ann B046.02, B046.04, B053.01, B053.03
Hughes, Annette B130.02
Hughes, Bertha B130.04
Hughes, Charles B130.04
Hughes, Clara B006.05
Hughes, Daniel B046.04, B053.03
Hughes, Edward B046.04, B053.03, B053.05
Hughes, Ella H. B060.03
Hughes, Emily B130.01, B130.02
Hughes, Emma B130.04
Hughes, Fannie B046.01, B046.04, B053.03
Hughes, Flora B130.04
Hughes, Frances B053.05
Hughes, James B046.04, B053.03
Hughes, Jane B046.02
Hughes, John B053.05
Hughes, John B130.01, B130.02
Hughes, Joseph B046.04, B053.03
Hughes, Luke B017.03, B046.01, B053.01, B053.02, B053.03
Hughes, Maggie B130.04
Hughes, Margaret B046.02
Hughes, Mary B046.02
Hughes, Mary B130.02, B130.04
Hughes, Michael B046.01, B046.04, B053.01
Hughes, Patrick B053.05
Hughes, Phillip B053.05
Hughes, Sarah B130.04
Hughes, Victor B130.01
Hughes, Willis B130.02
Huling, Daniel B079.05
Huling, Elizabeth B079.05
Huling, Harriet B079.04
Huling, Louis B079.07
Huling, Olive B079.07
Huling, Theresa B079.07
Hull, Anna B289.02
Hull, Austin 140035
Hull, Clara B289.02
Hull, Elizabeth B289.02
Hull, Emerson 50089, 50092, 60012, B289.01
Hull, Ida B289.02
Hull, Isaac B289.02
Hull, Levi B289.02
Hull, Maria B289.01
Hull, Martin Douglas B289.02
Hull, Maude B289.03
Hull, Samuel B289.01
Hull, Samuel B289.02
Hull, Sarah B289.03
Humble, - 100022
Hummers, John 160367
Humphrey, - 160980
Humphrey, George W. 170022
Humphrey, Lyman U. 70024
Humphrey, P. M. 50069, 50073, 150028
Humphries, L. U. B174.04
Hunker, Emma 60010
Hunnewell, - B314.02
Hunsaker, Myrtle 60008
Hunt, Barbara B185.01
Hunt, E. F. 160365
Hunt, Esther B034.02
Hunt, Jonathan B018.05
Hunt, Lydia B187.02
Hunt, Mary Ann B034.03
Hunt, Nathan B034.02
Hunter, - 140020
Hunter, Juliette 60005
Hunter, Rebecca 60005
Huntington, O. P. 160351
Huntsinger, Belle 150009
Hurlbert, Emily B130.01
Hurlbert, Emily B130.02
Hurlbut, Charles M. B178.02
Hurlbut, Dexter M. B178.02
Hurlbut, Edith Pearl B178.04
Hurlbut, Effie May B178.04
Hurlbut, Elvin Millar Herbert B178.04
Hurlbut, Gladys Gwinne B178.04
Hurlbut, Harry B178.02
Hurlbut, Henrietta B178.02
Hurlbut, Lewis G. B178.01
Hurlbut, Matilda B178.01
Hurlbut, Samuel Lifton B178.01
Hurst, Addie B074.04
Hurst, George H. B074.04
Hurst, May B074.04
Hurst, Robert B074.04
Hurt, J. J. 160390
Hurtt, William. 160414
Huston, Andrew 30033
Hutchinson, Boyd B069.04
Hutchinson, Mary J. B098.01
Hutsel, Amanda M. B042.01
Hutsell, G. 30034
Hutsell, Sallie 50053, 50054, 50057, 60015
Hutton, Elizabeth B065.06
Hyde, Charles E. 30032

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