History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Headley, Alice B048.04
Headley, Amos B048.02
Headley, Bessie B048.04
Headley, Experience B048.02, B048.04
Headley, Franklin B048.04
Headley, George B048.04
Headley, Grover C. B048.04
Headley, Herman B048.04
Headley, James B048.04
Headley, John R. B048.01
Headley, Laura B048.04
Headley, Mary B048.04
Headley, Perry L. B048.04
Headley, Sarah B048.04
Healy, Margaret B106.01
Heap, Thomas 160413
Hearn, Hattie B036.05
Hearn, Leona B036.05
Hearn, Merle B036.05
Hearn, Sinah B036.05
Hearn, William B036.05
Heasely, J. L. 140039
Heathman, Mary B172.04
Heaton, Calzonia B193.05
Heaton, Clarence B193.05
Heaton, Gertrude B193.05
Heaton, H. C. B193.05
Heaton, Ira 70037, B193.01
Heaton, Mary B193.05
Heddens, Lona B166.04
Heddens, Noah H. B166.04
Hedges, T. J. 160357
Hedrick, S. C. 160384
Heep, - 30036
Heep, Martha B158.02
Hefley, - 40065
Hefley, Camilla B163.03
Hefley, Catherine B163.03
Hefley, Daniel B163.02, B163.03
Hefley, David C. B163.03
Hefley, Elizabeth B163.03
Hefley, Floyd B163.05
Hefley, George W. B163.01
Hefley, James A. B163.03
Hefley, Mary B163.03
Hefley, Minnie B163.05
Hefley, William B163.03
Heinrichsmeier, Anna B040.05
Heinrichsmeier, Frederick B040.05
Helm, Annie B007.03
Helm, Emeline B007.03
Helm, Henry B007.03
Helm, William C. B007.03
Helmick, H. J. 30028
Helmrick, H. T. 50046
Helms , Margaret B040.01, B040.02
Hemming, Harry 30027
Henderson, - B271.07
Henderson, H. B. 120026, B024.01
Henderson, J. S. 160386
Henderson, John 160393, 160410
Henderson, John B024.01, B024.02, B024.05
Henderson, Leslie Thomas B024.05
Henderson, Lynn Camp B024.05
Henderson, Margaret B024.01
Henderson, Martha B073.04
Henderson, Mary K. B073.04
Henderson, Rachel B152.05
Henderson, W. B. B152.05
Henderson, William B073.04
Hendrickson, - 120026
Hendrickson, Ethel B252.06
Hendrickson, Hattie B252.06
Hendrickson, P. J. 70017, B252.06
Hendy, J. H. 160409
Hennigh, Daniel 160373
Henning, - 130018
Henning, B. S. 130016
Henrickson, Mary B252.06
Henry, - 100010
Henry, F. V. 30028
Henry, H. 160366
Henry, James V. 160355
Henry, John 160426
Henry, William 160346
Herman, Alfred B154.04
Herman, Amanda B154.04
Herman, Andrew B154.01, B154.04
Herman, Camilla B141.04
Herman, David B154.04
Herman, Edward B154.04
Herman, Elizabeth B154.04
Herman, Ella B154.04
Herman, Fanny S. B141.04
Herman, George B154.01
Herman, George B154.02
Herman, Katherine B154.01
Herman, Katherine B154.02
Herman, Lawrence B154.04
Herman, Louise B154.04
Herman, Miles B141.04
Herman, Minnie B154.04
Herman, Rosa B154.04
Herod, E. O. 50075, 60015
Herod, Edward B002.03
Herreld, A. F. 160412
Herreld, Benj. 160411
Herrington, D. H. 160416
Herron, John W. 50064
Hess, C. A. 100014
Hess, Claude A. B092.01
Hess, David B092.01, B092.02
Hess, Emma B092.02
Hess, Ira B092.02
Hess, Joseph B092.02
Hess, Lettie B092.02
Hess, Lizzie B092.02
Hess, Mary B092.02
Hess, Myrtle B092.02
Hess, Nancy B092.01
Hiatt, Benjamin 30036
Hiatt, Jas. H. 160429
Hickman, Byrl B096.06
Hickman, Myrtle 60009
Hickman, Myrtle B096.06
Hickman, Viva E. B096.06
Hicks, Archie B021.07
Hicks, Clara B. B108.07
Hicks, E. C. B021.07
Hicks, Edna B021.07
Hicks, Elah B021.07
Hicks, Gladys B021.07
Hicks, Grant B227.05
Hicks, H. A. 120035, 160369
Hicks, John T. B108.07
Hicks, John W. 160419
Hicks, Lee B021.07
Hicks, Lucy B021.06
Hicks, T. G. 30066
Hickson, Lizzie B301.02
Hide, C. C. 30029
Hiestan, Isabel B031.04
Higdon, J. A. 60005
Higginbotham, E. L. 70017
Higgins, Julia B305.03
Higgins, Mary B091.04
Higgins, William 80023
High, Elmyra B167.04
Highfill, Cary M. B268.04
Highfill, Helen B268.04
Highfill, James F. B268.04
Highfill, Katherine B268.04
Highfill, Martha B268.04
Highfill, Mary M. B268.04
Highland, Robert 160347
Highland, William 160352
Hildreth, J. H. 160415
Hildreth, Sarah B087.01
Hileman, M. D. 160399
Hill, - 80025
Hill, Iantha B296.03
Hill, John A. 160378
Hill, O. P. 160371
Hill, R. J. 70036
Hill, W. H. 30028
Hillard, A. 30029
Hillegoss, A. C. 160978
Hiller, Charles B090.03
Hiller, Charles W. B090.03
Hiller, Emma B090.02
Hiller, Frank B090.03
Hiller, Frederick B090.01, B309.02
Hiller, George B090.02
Hiller, Gertrude B090.03
Hiller, John B090.02
Hiller, John E. B090.03
Hiller, Kate B090.02, B090.03, B309.02
Hiller, Lena B090.03
Hiller, Mamie B090.03
Hiller, Marie B090.02
Hiller, Mary B090.02
Hiller, Rose B090.02
Hiller, Roy B090.03
Hiller, Vivian Louis B090.03
Hiller,r Arthur B090.03
Hillier, Edwin B082.05
Hillier, Louise H. B082.05
Hillis, - 120013
Hills, Margaret B156.02
Himes, Geo. W. 160376
Hine, J. 160394
Hiner, R. J. 130028, 160353
Hinkel, Carl L. 140039
Hinton, W. W. 30039
Hisle, (infant) B270.03
Hisle, Ada B270.03
Hisle, Amanda Jane B270.04
Hisle, Belle B270.04
Hisle, Clara B270.03
Hisle, Ernest B270.03
Hisle, Frances B270.04
Hisle, George B270.03, B270.04
Hisle, Hannah B270.03
Hisle, Harry B270.03
Hisle, Ida B270.04
Hisle, J. R. 150030, 150034
Hisle, James R. B270.03, B270.04
Hisle, James Richard B270.01
Hisle, Joseph B270.05
Hisle, Julia B270.05
Hisle, L. J. 100022, 150034
Hisle, Laura B270.04
Hisle, Levi B270.04
Hisle, Martha Ann B270.03
Hisle, Oscar B270.03
Hisle, Richard B270.04
Hisle, Sarah B270.04
Hisle, W. 50082
Hisle, Willie B270.04
Hitchcock, Sydia Theressa B139.04
Hite, John B123.04
Hite, Maggie B123.04

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