History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Doan, - 150017
Doan, E. W. 50073
Dobbins ,G. 30031
Dobbins, Rosie B123.04
Dobson, Myrtle B123.04
Dobson, William 160244
Dodge, William H. 40003
Dodson, Charles J. B068.02
Dodson, Ella B068.05
Dodson, Eva B068.05
Dodson, Henry B068.02
Dodson, Irene B068.05
Dodson, James N. B068.01, B068.02
Dodson, Jennie B068.02
Dodson, John James B068.05
Dodson, John T. B068.02
Dodson, John W. B068.05
Dodson, Joseph B068.05
Dodson, Martin F. B068.02
Dodson, Mary B068.02, B068.05, B068.05
Dodson, Nealia B068.02
Dodson, Raymond B068.05
Dodson, Robert B068.02
Dodson, Sarah B068.01
Dodson, William B068.01, B068.02, B068.05
Dodson, Winnie B068.05
Dolby, A. 30039
Dollins, James J. B042.03
Dongiass, F. B. 160239
Doran, Alice B116.04
Doran, J. H. 160214
Dorris, Bertha B185.04
Dorsey, Andrew B243.01, B243.03
Dorsey, Catherine B243.01
Dorsey, Fannie B243.03
Dorsey, Katie B243.03
Dorsey, Margaret B243.03
Dorsey, Mary B243.03
Dorsey, Peter J. B243.03
Dorsey, Thomas B243.02
Dorsey, Thomas W. B243.01, B243.03
Dorsey, William A. B243.03
Doss, A. A. 160236
Doty, Morris 160210
Doubleday, - 70030, B245.03
Doubleday, L. L. 120017
Douglas, Deacon William B269.03
Douglas, John B269.03
Douglas, Robert B269.03
Douglas, Sarah B269.03
Douglas, Stephen A. B042.02
Douglas, William B269.03
Douglass, Aurthur Lloyd B226.05
Douglass, Charles Ellsworth B226.03
Douglass, Eliza B226.03
Douglass, Elizabeth A. B226.03
Douglass, G. W. 30052
Douglass, George W. B226.01, B262.05
Douglass, Joseph Benson B226.03
Douglass, Lloyd Judd B226.03
Douglass, Martin B226.03
Douglass, Melinda B226.03
Douglass, Milton 30033, 50033, 50035, B226.01, B226.03
Douglass, Noah Milton B226.03
Douglass, Richard L. B226.05
Douglass, Samantha B226.01
Douglass, Sarah E. B226.05
Douglass, Sylvia B226.03
Douglass, Thula B226.04, B262.05
Douglass, Walter B226.05
Douglass, William Walter B226.03
Douthat, W. F. 130028
Douthitt, Bertha B154.04
Douthitt, Cecil B154.04
Douthitt, E. P. B154.04
Douthitt, Ella B154.04
Douthitt, Herman B154.04
Douthitt, John B154.04
Douthitt, Minnie B154.04
Dove, Charity B075.01
Dove, John 160226
Dover, Isaac L. 160213
Dowd, Adelia B318.04
Dowd, Charles Joseph B318.05
Dowd, Charles S. B318.01, B318.04
Dowd, Clara Belle B318.06
Dowd, Ella B144.01
Dowd, Emily B318.02, B318.04
Dowd, Francis E. B318.01, B318.04, B318.06
Dowd, Fred Houston B318.06
Dowd, Grace B318.05
Dowd, Horace B318.04
Dowd, Ida M. B318.05
Dowd, Joseph S. B318.02, B318.04
Dowd, Mabel B318.05
Dowd, Melvina A. B318.04
Dowd, Oliver F. B318.06
Dowd, Susie B318.05
Dowd, William B318.04
Dowdna, - 30036
Downes, Belle B036.05
Downey, J. H. 160238
Downs, Elizabeth B163.03
Downs, M. L. B032.07, B163.03
Dresia, (daughter) B292.04
Dresia, (son) B292.04
Dresia, Agnes B292.01
Dresia, Anton B292.01
Dresia, Cathrena B292.01
Dresia, Christina B292.04
Dresia, Christine B292.04
Dresia, Elizabeth B292.04
Dresia, Francis B292.01
Dresia, Frank B292.04
Dresia, Henry B292.01
Dresia, Herman B292.04
Dresia, Joseph B292.04
Dresia, Mathias B292.01
Dresia, Peter B292.01
Dresia, Petronella B292.01
Dresia, Wilhelmina B292.04
Dresia, William B292.01, B292.04
Drew, Martha B127.01
Driskill, Amanda B262.03, B294.04, B310.03
Driskill, Richard B262.03, B294.04, B310.03
Driskill, Temperance B262.01, B262.03, B294.01, B294.04, B310.03
Duffy, James 50075
Dugan, F. M. 160227
Dugger, Anna Elizabeth B093.05
Dugger, Benjamin Thomas B093.01
Dugger, Clara May B093.05
Dugger, Hazel Fay B093.05
Dugger, Jane B093.03
Dugger, Julia Anna B093.05
Dugger, Lizzie B093.03
Dugger, Nancy B093.01, B093.03
Dugger, Sarah B093.03
Dugger, Thomas B093.02
Dugger, W. H. 160243
Dugger, William H. 50073, B093.01, B093.03
Dugger, Zada Florence B093.05
Dunaway, J. D. 30039
Dunbar, Clara E. B071.04
Dunbar, David B071.02
Dunbar, Dradie B071.04
Dunbar, E. H. 50049
Dunbar, Elihu B071.02
Dunbar, Hannah B270.03
Dunbar, J. N. 50089, 70037, B071.01
Dunbar, J. Owen B071.04
Dunbar, Joanna L. B071.02
Dunbar, Louisa B070.07, B071.01
Dunbar, Lucy B071.02
Dunbar, Noel B071.04
Dunbar, Susan B070.07, B071.02
Dunbar, W. 30031
Dunbar, Waller C. B071.02
Dunbar, Warder D. B070.07, B071.01, B071.02
Dunbar, William B071.02
Duncan, Alexander 160240
Duncan, Alonzo M. B007.03
Duncan, Amanda M. B042.01
Duncan, Clarinda B042.06
Duncan, Dillie B007.03
Duncan, Dora B042.06
Duncan, Edward h. B042.06
Duncan, Giles B042.02
Duncan, J. M. 160212
Duncan, James D. B009.05
Duncan, Jarretta B042.06
Duncan, Jesse H. B042.02
Duncan, John A. B042.06
Duncan, Kate B042.06
Duncan, Laura B042.06
Duncan, Lizzie B099.03
Duncan, Maria B042.06
Duncan, Mollie B180.03
Duncan, Peter B042.02
Duncan, Robert B042.02
Duncan, Roy B099.03
Duncan, Theda B009.05
Duncan, Thomas R. 160221, B042.01
Duncan, W. B. 30068
Duncan, William B042.01, B042.02
Dunham, J. W. 160205
Dunlavey, J. G. 50033
Dunn, Albert B181.04
Dunn, Charles 160211
Dunn, Maggie 60008
Dunn, Matilda E. B181.04
Dunn, Minnie B256.06
Dunn, Sarah J. B091.01, B091.02
DuPage, - 150029
Durkee, H. E. 30031
Durkee, Henry 50043
Durkee, J. H. 100022
Durshane, Maggie B311.02
Dusenbury, Moses B155.01
Dutcher, - 120012
Dutton, M. M. 160225
Dwight, - B060.02
Dye, Celestine B257.01
Dyer, James H. 30027
Dyer, John 50031, 50033
Dyer, John H. 30027

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