History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Cobb, A. S. 160133
Cobble, Benjamin 160168
Coble, David B299.03
Cochran, Nancy B094.05
Cockrill, A. B. 150023
Codding, W. T. 160200
Cody, John F. 140011
Coe, Charles W. B120.01
Coe, Elemon F. B120.04
Coe, Elizabeth B120.02
Coe, F. P. B120.03
Coe, John W. B120.02
Coe, Mary B120.04
Coffer, Geo. W. 160141
Coffern, J. F. 160154
Cogswell, Philip 30034
Coldiron, J. G. 30050
Cole, A. J. 160163
Cole, James 160152
Cole, Lavantia B291.01
Cole, Maude 140034
Cole, Sarah B271.01
Coleman, - 120013
Coleman. H. T. 160157
Coles Lydia P. B187.05
Coles, A. B187.01
Coles, Clarence B. B187.05
Coles, Lydia B187.02
Coles, Robert B187.02
Coles, Robert A. B187.05
Collins, C. E. 160978
Collins, William A. 140039
Coltrain, Samantha Ella B142.03
Coltrane, Annie J. B142.04
Coltrane, Bertha May B142.04
Coltrane, Branson B142.02
Coltrane, Elizabeth B142.01
Coltrane, Elma J. B010.04
Coltrane, Franklin B142.02
Coltrane, Homer M. B142.04
Coltrane, Isaiah M. B142.01
Coltrane, Jim B142.02
Coltrane, John B142.02, B142.04
Coltrane, Louise B142.02
Coltrane, Mary B142.02, B142.04
Coltrane, Monroe B142.02
Coltrane, Sarah Emily B142.03, B142.04
Coltrane, William B142.01, B142.02
Colvin, Hattie 60004
Coman, Ann B017.04
Coman, James 150026, B017.04, B296.02
Coman, Jennie B296.02
Coman, Joan B017.04
Coman, Joanna B296.02
Combes, Hannah B129.02
Combs, - 120011
Commons, - 30025, 30036
Conklin, - B060.02
Conklin, Charles B124.04
Conklin, David B050.04
Conklin, Inez M. B050.02
Conklin, John B050.03
Conklin, John C. B050.03
Conklin, L. 40092
Conklin, Lawrence P0001, 30027, 50037, 50059, B050.01
Conklin, Mary Susan B050.02
Conklin, Maude B050.02
Conklin, Murray K. B050.02
Conklin, Rachel B124.04
Conklin, Ruth B050.02
Conklin, Sally B050.03
Conklin, Sarah L. B124.04
Conklin, Statira B050.03
Conklin, Winfield Scott B050.03
Conn, Wm. C. 160153
Connelly, Maggie B277.04
Connor, T. 130028
Conover, John B188.03
Conrad, Mary B084.01, B084.02
Conroe, Rebecca B278.05
Conway, Charles B192.05, B192.06
Conway, Elizabeth B192.05, B192.06
Conway, Malinda B192.06
Conway, Richard B192.05
Cook, - 130011
Cook, Della B285.04
Cook, Homer Martien B088.03
Cook, J. N. 80022, 80030
Cook, Joseph Norman B088.03
Cook, Nannette Martien B088.03
Cook, Samuel R. 160182
Cook, Wm. H. 160159
Cookston, T. S. 30031
Cookston, Thos. S. 160156
Cool, C. F. 50080, 50084, 60015
Cool, Catherine B061.04
Cool, Christine B061.04
Cool, Commodore F. B061.01, B072.03
Cool, Courtney Franklin B061.04
Cool, J. E. B061.02
Cool, J. W. B061.02
Cool, Kate Vincent 30057
Cool, Victor Vincent B061.04
Cooley, - 140012
Cooley, B. 140020
Cooley, Eleanor B033.03
Cooley, Lorenzo B033.03
Cooley, Martha E. B033.03
Cooley, Sally B050.03
Coon, Alice B132.04
Coon, Anna B132.02
Coon, Bertie B132.04
Coon, Clyde B132.04
Coon, F. 160201
Coon, Florello B132.02
Coon, Frella B132.04
Coon, H. S. B132.01
Coon, Lois B132.04
Coon, Lyle B132.04
Coon, Nettie B132.04
Coonrod, J. F. 160202
Coonts, Margaret B243.03
Coooper, Blanche Ellen B023.02
Cooper, Andrew Eugene B023.02
Cooper, Ann Elizabeth B023.02
Cooper, Benjamin F. B023.02
Cooper, C. E. 160199
Cooper, Charles Albert B023.02
Cooper, Elizabeth B023.01, B023.02
Cooper, Emily B023.07
Cooper, George Elliott B023.02
Cooper, Ida Lee B023.07
Cooper, Isaiah 160167, B023.01, B023.02, B023.03
Cooper, Isaiah Matheny B023.02
Cooper, J. 30038
Cooper, J. M. 130008
Cooper, Jessie Milton B023.07
Cooper, John Isaiah B023.07
Cooper, John M. 130028, 160148, 160972, 160978, B030.25, B049.01, B049.03, B173.02
Cooper, John Milton B023.01
Cooper, Jos. H. 160144
Cooper, Joseph H. B023.02
Cooper, Laura May B023.07
Cooper, Spencer 140011, 160139
Cooper, William Shepherd B023.02
Cooper, Wm. H. 160198
Cooter, - B252.05
Cooter, Alice B252.05
Cooter, Andrew M. B252.05
Cooter, Ben Hur B252.05
Cooter, Catherine L. B252.05
Cooter, DeWitt B252.05
Cooter, E. W. 30064, 50052, 50055, 160184
Cooter, Elbert Wesley B252.01
Cooter, Elizabeth A. B252.03
Cooter, Grace B252.05
Cooter, Guy 70037, B252.05
Cooter, Helen B252.05
Cooter, hugh P. B252.05
Cooter, Ida M. B252.05
Cooter, James B252.03, B252.05
Cooter, James T. B252.05
Cooter, Jasper M. B252.03
Cooter, John B252.03
Cooter, John H. B252.05
Cooter, Julia B252.04
Cooter, Julia Belle B252.05
Cooter, Lavina B252.03
Cooter, Leland J. B252.05
Cooter, Mary M. B252.05
Cooter, P. Ann B252.06
Cooter, Philip C. B252.03
Cooter, Sadie B252.05
Cooter, William B252.05
Cooter, Williami H. B252.05
Coover, Joseph W. 160194
Copper, N. 160195
Corbin, George 30032
Corbin, Hamilton 30032
Corbin, James 30032
Cordell, George B267.04
Cordell, Jennie B267.04
Cordry, John 160145
Corey, Ed 130028
Corey, James L. 160175
Corey, Nancy Wells B227.05
Corey, Thomas B227.05
Corkle, Joseph 160180
Cornish, C. H. 30038
Coronado, Francisco de 10002
Corrigan, Nathan 160147
Corson, Jane B019.08
Coss, C. B. B025.03, B144.04
Costello, Ann B046.04, B053.01, B053.03
Couch, W. A. 160149
Coulter, John D. 50014
Coulter, M. W. 50046, 80005, 120043
Coultraine, I. M. 160189
Covert, Andrew B129.02
Covert, Anna B129.02, B129.04
Covert, Benjamin B129.04
Covert, Catherine B129.02
Covert, Flora A. B129.04
Covert, Frank B129.02
Covert, George D. B129.02
Covert, Hannah B129.02
Covert, Harriet B129.02
Covert, Ida B129.04
Covert, James A. B129.02
Covert, John A. B129.04
Covert, Joseph Alexander B129.04
Covert, Lucas B129.02
Covert, Mahala O. B129.04
Covert, Monroe B129.02
Covert, Peter 160170, B129.01, B129.02
Covert, Rosa B129.04
Covert, William B129.02
Covey, John B130.04
Covey, Sarah B130.04
Covey, Susan B130.04
Cowan, C. T. 30038
Cowell, Benj. F. 160174
Cowell, M. E. B051.06
Cowell, Vinnie B051.06
Cowen, W. E. 50038
Cowen, W. P. 60007
Cowgill, Fannie B182.05
Cowley, - 50044
Cowley, Clare J. B069.05
Cowley, Florence J. B069.05
Cowley, Fred 30054, 30063
Cowley, Frederick B069.05
Cowley, Lawrence L. B069.05
Cowley, Minnie B069.05
Cowley, W. R. 30045, 50046, 50050, 70036, 70037, 120026, 170026, B069.01
Cox, - 30036
Cox, Amanda B126.02
Cox, Elizabeth B236.02
Cox, John T. 30014, 30015, 30016, 30017, 30018, 40084
Coxie, Louisa B194.02
Coy, George 160161

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