History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Cabell, - B001.04
Cable, Nancy B093.01
Cable, Sarah B007.04
Cackley, A. D. B026.02
Cackley, Louisa B026.02
Cadwalader, Abigail B044.04
Cadwalader, Angeline B044.04
Cadwalader, Basco B044.04
Cadwalader, Henry B044.04
Cadwalader, John B044.01, B044.04
Cadwalader, Kinsey B044.04
Cadwalader, Reese 50004, 50030, B044.01
Cadwalader, Rhoda K. B044.04
Cadwalader, Ruth B044.01, B044.04
Cadwalader, Stephen B044.04
Cahtelle, N. B. 140039
Caldwell, - 80024
Caldwell, Emma B308.05
Caldwell, George B308.02
Caldwell, J. T. 50043, 50045
Caldwell, James B308.02
Caldwell, L. Alexander B308.01
Caldwell, Lillian B308.05
Caldwell, Lucy B308.01
Caldwell, Robert B308.01, B308.02
Caldwell, Sarah B057.04
Calhoun, David B160.04
Calhoun, Maggie B160.04
Calhoun, Sarah B160.04
Callaghan,- B113.02
Callahan, Agatha B017.04
Callahan, Annie B017.04
Callahan, Catherine B017.01
Callahan, Charles B017.04
Callahan, Chloe B017.04
Callahan, D. 50009, 50030
Callahan, Daniel B017.01, B017.04
Callahan, Eva B017.04
Callahan, Florence B017.04
Callahan, George B017.04
Callahan, James B017.04
Callahan, John B017.02, B017.04
Callahan, Josie B017.04
Callahan, M. J. 150026
Callahan, Mary B017.04
Callahan, Micheal J. B017.01, B017.02
Callahan, Paul B017.04
Callahan, Rosanna B017.04
Callis, Jessie B111.04
Callis, Orrin B111.04
Callis, Rachel B111.04
Callis, William 160165, B111.04
Camac, Martha B134.06
Camack, Adolph B134.03
Camack, Emma B134.06
Camack, G. W. B134.03, B134.06
Camack, Laura B134.03
Camp, J. E. B024.04
Camp, Lorin W. B024.04
Campbell, Alice B278.05
Campbell, Caroline B269.07
Campbell, Colonel 80025
Campbell, J. P. 120026
Campbell, Matilda B105.05
Campbell, P. P. 160980
Campbell, Phil 30045
Campbell, Sarah Belle B256.06
Candy, Adelia B116.02
Candy, Nemiriah B116.02
Canfield, Abraham B079.04
Canfield, Alba B079.07
Canfield, Clair B079.07
Canfield, Edna B079.07
Canfield, Edward B079.07
Canfield, Elizabeth B079.05
Canfield, G. W. 30045, 30050
Canfield, George B079.07
Canfield, George W. B079.01
Canfield, Harriet B079.04
Canfield, Harris B079.07
Canfield, HarrisA. B079.06
Canfield, Jay B079.07
Canfield, Julia B079.06
Canfield, Lewis D. B079.04, B079.05, B079.06, B079.07
Canfield, Lydia B079.06
Canfield, Madella B079.07
Canfield, Mamie B079.07
Canfield, Margaret B079.07
Canfield, Marvin B079.07
Canfield, Theresa B079.07
Canfield, Theressa B079.07
Canfield, William B079.06
Cannon, Anna B289.02
Cannon, E. B289.02
Canvaness, - B113.01
Capper, Arthur B001.08
Capper, Florence B001.08
Capron, Benjamin 30051
Capron, Hattie DeVoe 30061
Caps, Sally B121.02
Card, Charles Harold B282.04
Card, Henry B282.04
Card, Maud B282.04
Cardwell, Elvira B147.02
Cardwell, John W. B147.02
Cardwell, Louisa Ann B147.01, B147.02
Cardwell, Mary B147.02
Carlson, John B238.04
Carlson, Margaret B238.04
Carlton, Jas. M. 160150
Carney, Daniel 160171
Carney, J. W. 160173
Carns, Orpha Ella B135.05
Carns, William B135.05
Carpenter, Alma 60005
Carpenter, Jacob B239.02
Carpenter, Mary B239.02
Carr, - 30036
Carr, Anna B266.01
Carroll, H. 160143
Carroll, James B177.01
Carroll, Mary B177.01
Carroll, Mary Ann B303.02
Carter, - B085.05
Carter, A. B085.05
Carter, Beulah B099.03
Carter, Caroll B099.03
Carter, Forest B099.03
Carter, Frederick B271.05
Carter, George 160179
Carter, J. H. B099.03
Carter, J. R. 30055
Carter, Joseph R. 160186
Carter, Leonard B271.05
Carter, Martha B099.03
Carter, Mary B271.05
Carter, Olive 170024, B271.04
Carter, Rhoda B004.01
Carver, Almira B245.02
Carver, Charles B245.04
Carver, Clemsey B245.04
Carver, Cleo B245.04
Carver, Emma B245.04, B266.04
Carver, Ever B245.04
Carver, Joel B245.02
Carver, John B245.04
Carver, John T. B245.01, B245.02
Carver, Kate B245.04
Carver, Lila B245.04
Carver, Mary Jane B245.01
Carver, Myrtle B245.04
Carver, Rebecca J. B245.02
Carver, Richard B245.01, B245.02
Carver, Stephen B245.02
Carver, William B245.02
Cary, Samantha B249.01
Case, - 70036
Case, E. 30054
Case, Nelson B200.04
Casebeer, Elizabeth B185.04
Casebeer, Miles B185.04
Casebeer, Nancy E. B185.04
Caspri, John 160176
Cassel, Carrie B115.04
Cassel, Samuel B115.04
Cassell, Dora B115.04
Cassell, Flora M. B115.04
Cassell, John B115.04
Cassell, Walter B115.04
Catlett, Daisy 60006
Catlett, M. L. 60012
Cavallaugh, M. C. 160169
Cavanah, Isabel B156.01
Cavanaugh, Thom. H. 170033
Cavaness, - 80022
Cave, William 140039, 160134
Chambers, Alex B019.03
Chambers, Elizabeth B066.01
Chandler, - 70029
Chandler, George 70024
Chapman, John 140020
Chase, - B001.08
Chase, Isabel M. B001.08
Chase, Mary B001.08
Chase, S. L. 120011
Chatham, J. J. 80031
Cheatum, Amanda B252.04
Cheatum, Frank B252.04
Cheney, S. L. 140033, 140039
Cheshire, - Viola F. B008.05
Cheshire, Emma J. B008.05
Cheshire, Hilah G. B008.05
Cheshire, Margaret J. B008.01
Cheshire, Mary M. B008.05
Cheshire, Michael B008.01
Cheshire, Minerva White B008.05
Cheshire, R. M. 30045, 30068, 50089, 50099, 70036, 70037, 120006, 120025, 120026
Cheshire, Robert M. B008.01
Cheshire, Sarah E. B008.05
Chesnutt, Kate B294.06
Chesnutt, Sarah J. B294.06
Chesnutt, Thomas B294.06
Chestnutt, Martha B262.05
Chestnutt, Thomas B262.05
Chew, L. A. 160172
Chew, William H. 30037, 50025, 50059, 50062, 120017, 140011
Chew, Wm. H. 160158
Chidister, James 160181
Childers, Geo. W. 160166
Childs, A. F. 50036
Childs, C. A. 130028
Chowning, Nancy B252.04
Chrisman, M. R. 30057
Christalier, Wm. 160193
Chubb, Alva D. B179.05
Chubb, Ethel B179.05
Chubb, H. W. 160142
Chubb, J. H. 50068
Chubb, J. W. 160164
Chubb, James B179.05
Chubb, Mary Evalena B179.05
Chubb, Philena J. B030.17
Churchhill, D. J. 30039
Churchman, Matilda B300.01, B300.02
Clabourn, Francis B166.02
Clabourn, Grant B166.01, B166.02
Clabourn, John B. B166.02
Clabourn, Lawson B166.01
Clabourn, Lona B166.04
Clabourn, Louisa B166.02
Clabourn, Margaret B166.02
Clabourn, Mary B166.02
Clabourn, Opal B166.04
Clabourn, Sarah B166.01, B166.02
Clagett, - B056.02
Clancy, Mary B171.02
Clark, Arthur 60007
Clark, Clemsey B245.04
Clark, David L. 160188
Clark, Edith B084.04
Clark, G. W. 160177
Clark, Oscar N. 160178
Clark, Thomas 160136
Clark, W. G. 30021
Clark, W. H. 50034
Clark, Walter G. B155.03
Claussen, Harriet B164.03
Clawson, - 80027
Clawson, J. H. 50099, 80022, B038.08
Clawson, Martha Marinda B038.08
Clawson, S. F. 160162
Clayton, J. W. B072.05, B260.08
Cleaver, Eveline B107.10
Cleaver, William B107.10
Clem, H. G. 30034
Clement, W. W. P. 140012
Cleveland, - 50072, B015.02, B091.03, B088.02, B117.06
Cleveland, Grover 50058, 50065, 50098
Clevenger, Susan B278.06
Clevenger, William A. 30031
Clift, George 160138
Clifton, C. J. 160140
Cline, Albert B288.03
Cline, Callie B288.03
Cline, Rose Lee B038.08
Cline, William B038.08
Clinebell, W. L. 160151
Clingler, M. B. 30030
Cloak, John B007.03
Cloak, Maria M. B007.03
Close, Elijah B236.03
Close, Margaret B236.03

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