History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Bickle, John C. 160124
Bidler, F. 160102
Bidwell, - 50072
Bifquin, Victor B234.03
Biggs, Clara B036.04
Biggs, Flora Jane B036.04
Biggs, Flossie B036.04
Biggs, James B036.04
Biggs, Lizzie B036.04
Biggs, Ralph B036.04
Bigham, Mary B279.05
Billingsgate, - 40028
Bingaman, Peter 160057
Biniger, Mary B313.03
Bird, A. G. B229.03
Bird, John 30034
Bird, Lillie B229.03
Bird, Richard 160063
Bird, Rosa B154.04
Bischofsberger, Julius 130028
Bishop, - 70036
Bishop, Alexander B035.05
Bishop, Almira B035.05
Bishop, Angelia B035.05
Bishop, Jennie E. B012.06
Bixby, Betsy B265.01
Black, Lewis B123.04
Black, Mary B123.04
Black, S. W. 60012
Black, Wm. C. 160091
Blaine, James G. 50058
Blair, - 70036, B103.02
Blair, Arminda B186.07
Blair, C. W. 70036
Blake, Thomas A. 120026
Blakeny, Mary B188.01
Blalack, John B008.03
Blalack, William B008.03
Bland, William 160117
Blattner, Fred 150014
Bledsoe, Emma B134.03
Bledsoe, John B134.03
Bliss, - 120011, 120013
Bliss, D. M. 160078, B024.03
Blodgett, Bert B317.04
Blodgett, Charles B317.04
Blodgett, Clara B317.04
Blodgett, Ed B317.04
Blodgett, Elizabeth B317.04
Blodgett, Eva B317.04
Blodgett, Frank B317.04
Blodgett, Helen B317.04
Blodgett, Joseph B317.04
Blodgett, Nellie B317.04
Blodgett, William B317.04
Bloomfield, A. A. 120035, 160066
Blue, - 70037
Blue, Cordelia W. B011.05
Blue, Florence B. B011.05
Blue, Gracie B011.05
Blue, John W. B011.05
Blue, Madge A. B011.05
Blue, Mattie B011.05
Blue, R. W. 30045, 70037, 120026, 160980, B011.01, B014.04, B200.04
Blue, Richard Clarence B011.05
Blue, Virginia B011.05
Blunk, A. J. 160049
Blunt, - 130016, 130018, 130019, 130021, 130022, B001.03
Bly, John 30036
Bly, William 30036
Boaz, - 120011
Boden, Mamie B190.03
Bodly, David 30036
Bogges, R. W. 50032
Boggs, Allen B242.02
Boggs, Barbara J. B242.06
Boggs, Caroline B242.02
Boggs, Cornelia Ann B242.02
Boggs, Dora B242.06
Boggs, Elmer B242.06
Boggs, Gertrude B242.06
Boggs, Henry Benjamin B242.01
Boggs, Jerry A. B242.02
Boggs, Jerry S. B242.06
Boggs, John A. B242.06
Boggs, mary Jane B242.02
Bogle, A. M. B016.04
Bogue, Ruth B044.01
Boice, F. S. 140011
Bolsinger, Margaret B248.02
Bolsinger, P. C. B248.02
Bonnett, Martha 60007
Boone, Jesse 140040
Boore, Loretta B027.04
Boore, Montgomery B027.04
Boots, Emma B160.04
Boots, James B160.04
Boots, Lewis B160.04
Boots, Maggie B160.04
Bordeau, - 60012
Boss, Carrie B084.02
Boss, Edith B084.04
Boss, Helen B084.02
Boss, J. H. 50092, 70017, 150017
Boss, Jacob Harry B084.01
Boss, John B084.02
Boss, Laura Alice B084.02
Boss, Lizzie B084.02
Boss, Mary B084.01, B084.02
Boss, Rosa B084.02
Boss, William Franklin B084.02
Boston, Mary B231.05
Botorff, Jas. T. 160061
Botsford, Almond B030.19
Botsford, E. 30038
Bottsford, - 40049
Boucher, N. 160092
Bovard, - 150014, 150015, 150026
Bowers, James 160111
Bowers, Rhoda 60005
Bowers, W. W. B056.04
Bowles, Mary B252.04
Bowles, Thomas B252.04
Bowman, - 120010
Bowman, Amanda A. B079.07
Bowman, C. S. 60012, B077.01
Bowman, C. W. 30045
Bowman, Dora E. B077.04
Bowman, Elizabeth B079.07
Bowman, Henry B079.07
Bowne, Catherine B269.04, B269.05
Bowne, John B269.05
Bowne, Thomas B269.05
Box, J. N. 30039
Boyd, - 130008
Boyd, Allen B145.04
Boyd, Andrew B145.01
Boyd, Carrie B145.04
Boyd, Charles B145.04
Boyd, Clark B145.02
Boyd, Clyde B145.04
Boyd, Cooper B145.04
Boyd, Daisy B145.04
Boyd, Dorcas B145.02
Boyd, Edith C. B145.04
Boyd, Eliza Ann B145.02
Boyd, Elizabeth B145.01
Boyd, Isaac B145.02
Boyd, Jane B145.02
Boyd, John B145.02
Boyd, Lillie B145.04
Boyd, Margaret B145.02
Boyd, Mary B145.04
Boyd, Minnie B145.04
Boyd, Samuel B145.02
Boyd, Stella B121.04, B145.04
Boyd, William B145.02, B145.04
Boyer, Abraham B160.01
Boyer, Alexander B160.02
Boyer, Ann B160.02
Boyer, Catherine B160.01, B160.02
Boyer, David B160.02
Boyer, Jacob B. 160051
Boyer, James B160.02
Boyer, John Henry B160.02
Boyer, Julia Ann B160.02
Boyer, Lavina B160.02
Boyer, Levi B160.02
Boyer, Mary B160.02
Boyer, Nancy B160.02
Boyer, Ralph 160086
Boyer, Rebecca B160.02
Boyer, Samuel B160.02
Boyer, Sarah B160.04
Boyer, William 160115, B160.01, B160.02
Brackney, George B115.02
Brackney, Judith Ann B115.02
Bradley, Janette Ann B153.01, B153.02
Bradley, Mary B120.04
Bradshaw, H. C. 160040
Bradshaw, Henry C. B240.01, B240.02
Bradshaw, Ira O. B240.05
Bradshaw, Jeanette B240.05
Bradshaw, John E. B240.03
Bradshaw, Laura B240.03
Bradshaw, Nancy B070.02, B240.03
Bradshaw, Nancy A. B240.01
Bradshaw, Ray B240.05
Bradshaw, Robert A. B240.03
Bradshaw, Skelton B240.02
Bradshaw, W. L. B240.01
Bradshaw, Walter L. B240.03
Brady, P. E. 150014, 150016
Braerton, Edward B071.02
Braerton, Joanna L. B071.02
Brakebill, Lucinda B072.01
Braman, Minnie B163.05
Braman, Phoebe B163.05
Braman, William B163.05
Bramball, G. S. 160056
Bramhall, - 30045
Bramlet, Charles 150009
Brandon, Thomas 160045
Branin, Chester 120026, 170026
Branin, W. J. B062.03
Branson Hortense B027.04
Branson, Abraham B027.01
Branson, Amanda B027.04
Branson, Ann W. B027.01
Branson, Edith B027.04
Branson, Elizabeth B027.02
Branson, Elsie Edith B027.05
Branson, Huldah B027.04
Branson, John C. B027.02
Branson, John H. B027.04
Branson, Jonathan B027.02
Branson, Kate B027.05
Branson, L. C. 30030
Branson, Lindley B027.02
Branson, Lizzie B027.04
Branson, Loretta B027.04
Branson, Mary Ann B027.04
Branson, Rachel B027.02
Branson, Rachel E. B027.04
Branson, Russell W. B027.04
Branson, W. W. 160114
Branson, William W. B027.01
Bratton, Jas. T. 160103
Braun, Clara B112.02
Braun, Emma B112.02
Braun, Fred B112.02
Braun, George F. B112.01, B112.02, B190.03
Braun, George H. B112.02
Braun, Margaret Russell B112.05
Braun, Minnie B112.02
Braun, Ora B112.05, B190.03
Bray, Earl B055.05
Bray, Eva Delilah B055.05
Bray, Sion P. 160081
Breckenridge, - B310.04
Breeden, James B262.03
Breeden, James B310.03, B294.04
Breeden, Mary B310.03, B262.03, B294.04
Brenner, Orville 150009
Brentlinger, W. A. 30053
Brewer, Clyda M. B230.04
Brewer, Homer B230.04
Brewer, Lucy B172.04
Brewster, Arthur B254.02
Brewster, Edward B254.02
Brewster, Frank B254.02
Brewster, Frank L. B254.04
Brewster, Grace B254.02
Brewster, Jame L. B254.01
Brewster, James B254.02
Brewster, Jennie B254.02, B254.04
Brewster, Joel B254.01, B254.02
Brewster, L. D. 60024, 130008
Brewster, Lorenzo D. B254.01
Brewster, Robert B254.02
Brewster, S. M. 160059
Bridges, M. S. 160054
Briggs, Bessie B305.03
Briggs, C. H. B305.03
Briggs, Estella B305.03
Briggs, J. A. 160100
Briggs, Mabel B305.03
Briggs, Roscoe B305.03
Broadley , Etta May B003.06
Broadley, J. C. 30057
Broadley, James 30054
Broadley, John C. B032.07
Broadly, James C. B003.06
Brock, Agnes B276.05
Brook, Jas. H. 160119
Brook, T. W. 160118
Brookhart, Cecilia B246.03
Brookhart, David B246.04
Brookhart, Ella B246.03
Brookhart, H. H. 70017, 150034
Brookhart, Harry Carter B246.02
Brookhart, Harry H. B246.01
Brookhart, Iva B246.03
Brookhart, Jacob F. B246.03
Brookhart, John B246.03
Brookhart, Maggie B246.02
Brookhart, Mary B246.03
Brooks, A.B. B166.03
Brooks, Albert B137.04
Brooks, Alice B019.08
Brooks, Almira B137.04
Brooks, Arthur B151.04
Brooks, Charles H. B137.04
Brooks, Floyd W. B134.03, B137.01, B151.01
Brooks, Fred B137.04
Brooks, Grace B151.04
Brooks, Henry E. B019.01
Brooks, Hester B151.04
Brooks, James H. B137.01, B151.03
Brooks, Jane B019.02
Brooks, John B019.02, B019.08
Brooks, Joseph B019.08
Brooks, Joshua B137.01, B151.01
Brooks, Laura B019.02
Brooks, Lillie Ann B151.04
Brooks, Lucina B137.04
Brooks, Lucinda B134.03, B151.04
Brooks, Lydia B137.04
Brooks, Mahala B151.03
Brooks, Margaret B151.01
Brooks, Mary B151.04
Brooks, Merritt L. B151.04
Brooks, Nina L. B137.04
Brooks, Rhoda B151.04
Brooks, Rosa B019.08
Brooks, Samantha B019.01
Brooks, Tanserd B151.04
Brooks, W. E. 30039, 160076
Brooks, William B019.01
Brooks, William E. B019.02
Brookshire, Annie B275.04
Broomfield, J. P. B169.09
Broomfield, Maude Lee B169.09
Broomfield, Nannie J. B169.09
Brophy, Michael 160072
Brother, - 70020
Brown, - 70036
Brown, Amy B140.04
Brown, Anna B. B014.05
Brown, Annie B190.01
Brown, Archie B089.02
Brown, B. F. 160058
Brown, Charles 150028
Brown, Clara B239.02
Brown, Edward 110009
Brown, Elijah F. 160069
Brown, Elizabeth B301.04
Brown, George 140020, B190.03
Brown, H. A. 70017
Brown, H. B. 50009, 50030
Brown, Horace 120035
Brown, J. H. 140011
Brown, J. J. B200.04
Brown, James B097.01
Brown, Jane B097.02
Brown, Jessie B313.05
Brown, John B059.02
Brown, Joseph B239.02
Brown, L. V. B081.01
Brown, M. H. D. 160044
Brown, Mamie B190.03
Brown, Margaret B190.03
Brown, Mary 60007
Brown, Mary J. B260.09
Brown, Matthew B097.01
Brown, Nora B097.06
Brown, Ora B112.05, B190.03
Brown, Samuel W. 160073
Brown, Sarah B089.02, B131.04
Brown, T. W. 160077
Brown, Thomas 160088, B190.01
Brown, Viola F. B008.05
Brown, W. H. D. 140011, B190.01, B112.05
Brown, William B190.03
Brown, William D. B097.01
Brown, William Lloyd B097.06
Brown. N. C. 160082
Brownfield, A. S. 160126
Browning, - 40030
Browning, Matilda B182.02
Browning, V. L. 50050, 160109
Brubaker, D. B. 160104
Brundage, G. W. 160125
Bryan, - 50081
Bryan, S. 160083
Bryant, Mary B246.03
Bryce, Andrew B283.03, B283.04
Bryce, Andrew Van Nort B283.04
Bryce, Helen Marr B283.04
Bryce, Jean B283.04
Bryce, Lydia B283.01, B283.03
Bryce, Lydia Rodgers B283.03, B283.04
Bryce, Sarah Elizabeth B283.04

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