History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Babb, J. C. 30062, 50062, 50066, B186.04
Babcock, - B030.05
Babcoke, Thos. J. 160128
Bahney, A. J. 50043, 50044
Bailey, - 150017, 160980, B234.09
Bailey, Geo. H. 160099
Bailey, George C. 170041
Bailey, Mary 170041
Bailey, Sarah B299.02
Baird, Giles H. 160122
Baird, W. W. 160120
Baker, - 40065
Baker, Ada 60012
Baker, Alpheus B176.04
Baker, C. C. B191.01
Baker, Campbell C. B191.04
Baker, Cornelia B161.04
Baker, Edmund B138.01
Baker, Edward 150014, 150023
Baker, Egele B138.04
Baker, Eliza B161.04
Baker, Elizabeth B191.01
Baker, Emily B138.04
Baker, Frank B089.02
Baker, Grace B191.04
Baker, H. L. 160112
Baker, Henry J. 160129
Baker, Horace B161.01
Baker, Ida May B161.04
Baker, James B009.02
Baker, John B191.01
Baker, Lester C. B191.04
Baker, Lizzie B089.02
Baker, Lucian 160980
Baker, Lucretia B161.01
Baker, Maria B138.01, B138.04
Baker, Martha B134.06, B138.04, B176.01, B176.04
Baker, Mary B062.01, B306.04
Baker, Mary Ann B191.04
Baker, Mercy B176.04
Baker, Permelia B275.01
Baker, Richard B138.01, B138.02, B138.04
Baker, Samuel B306.04
Baker, Susan B138.04
Baker, Thomas B138.04
Baker, Walter B138.04
Baker, William 30033, 30051, 160065, B138.04, B161.01, B161.04
Baker, William H. 30028
Balch, A. J. 160047
Balch, Lillian 60009, B106.04
Baldwin, A. H. 120026
Bale, Clarissa B047.02
Bales, Samantha B226.01
Ball, Anna E. B320.02
Ball, Earl B320.02
Ball, Frank L. 70017, B320.01
Ball, Guy B320.02, B320.03
Ball, Guy T. B320.02
Ball, Livia B320.02
Ball, Mary A. B320.02
Ball, Maude B320.02
Ball, Nancy B275.04
Ball, Ora H. B320.02
Ballard, R. T. 80022
Ballenger, Mary E. B183.06
Banks, - B001.03
Barbee, F. H. 60005
Barbee, W. M. B072.05, B260.08
Barber, W. A. 160127
Barger, Alex. 160068
Barker, John M. 160121
Barker, Sybil B305.01
Barkley, Amanda B141.02
Barkley, Scott B141.02
Barlow, Charles William B166.02
Barlow, Sarah B166.01, B166.02
Barmore. R. M. 160101
Barnes, Billy 140007
Barnes, Martha E. B180.03
Barnes, Pauline B180.03
Barnes, Rachel B059.02
Barnes, Susan E. B059.02
Barnes, Uriah B180.03
Barnes. Austin 160108
Barney, J. Knox 150016, 150017
Barney, Jas. S. 160043
Barney, T. W. 160074
Barnhill, Pauline B180.03
Barren, N. W. 140033, 140039
Barrett, - 100022
Barrett, Barthomew B100.02
Barrett, Bridget B100.02
Barrett, John B100.02
Barrett, Joseph B100.02
Barrett, Kate B100.04
Barrett, Mary B100.02, B100.04
Barrett, Mary Ann B100.01
Barrett, Ola B100.02
Barrett, Samuel 150029
Barrett, Thomas B100.02, B100.04
Barrett, Thomas M. B100.01, B100.02
Barrett, William B100.04
Barrett, William Henry B100.01
Barrick Geo. M. 160107
Barrick, George M. 30058
Barter, Oscar B266.04
Barter, Queen B266.04
Bartholomew, Emma J. B008.05
Bartholomew, J. C. 160130
Bartlett, Charles 120026
Bartole, Annie B111.04
Bartole, Frederick B111.04
Bartole, Mona B111.04
Barton, - B009.04
Barton, Sally B150.02
Bason, Frederick B071.03
Bass, J. M. B034.05
Bass, Rosa B034.05
Bastian, John B179.02
Bastian, Mary B179.02
Batchelder, Phoebe B099.01
Bateman, C. A. 120010
Bates, Mary B094.05
Bates, Uriah 160113
Batten, Albert E. B321.05
Batten, Emily B321.02
Batten, Ernest H. B321.05
Batten, George B321.02
Batten, Joseph 150030, B321.01
Batten, Julia B321.05
Batten, Mary B321.01, B321.02
Batten, Phillius B321.02
Batten, Richard B321.01, B321.02
Batten, Walter J. B321.05
Batten, Wesley J. B321.05
Batten, William B321.02
Batten, William J. B321.05
Baughman, Elizabeth B015.07
Baughman, Mary J. B015.07
Baughman, William B015.07
Baum, Ludwig 140011
Bavard, Annie B239.04
Baxter, - 30036, 120012
Baxter, A. 30025, 130005, 130006
Baxter, Eva G. B018.06
Baxter, J. H. 50046, 60015, 70013, 70017, B015.05
Baxter, James H. B018.01, 160067
Baxter, LeRoy B018.06
Baxter, Lydia A. B018.03
Baxter, Mollie B185.04
Baxter, Mollie E. B018.03
Baxter, Phoebe B018.03
Baxter, S. W. 100022
Baxter, W. S. 80028
Bayless, Sarah J. B037.04
Beach, Annie B266.04
Beach, Ira 160105
Beagle, Margaret B273.05
Beal, Benjamin D. 50056
Beal, G. H. 160087
Beals, Annetta 60005
Beals, Miriam B228.02
Beaman, L. N. 30039
Bean, Thula B313.03
Bear, James B036.05
Bear, Malinda B036.05
Beaston, J. A. 160089
Beatty, F. M. 30034
Beatty, Lizzie 60007
Beaver, Minerva B165.05
Beck, John B055.05
Beck, Louis 160053
Beck, Ruth Isarurah Moniah Isabelle Buchanan B055.05
Beck, Sarah J. B278.05
Beckman, W. J. 160106
Beckwith, H. H. 140012
Beebe, Elizabeth B306.04
Beebe, George M. 10008
Beebe, Mary B096.01, B096.03
Beebe, William B306.04
Beeman, A. R. 160096
Beggs, Arch. 160110
Beith, Agnes B257.06
Belford, W. W. 160048, B069.03
Bell, George P. 70017
Bell, J. M. 160084
Bell, James 160080
Belston, Joseph 160046
Beltzhoover, Anna B111.04
Beltzhoover, Annie B111.04
Beltzhoover, Clara E. B111.04
Beltzhoover, Dorothea B111.04
Beltzhoover, Edith B111.04
Beltzhoover, George B111.02, B111.04
Beltzhoover, Hannah B111.04
Beltzhoover, Ida B111.04
Beltzhoover, Jacob B111.02
Beltzhoover, Jennie B111.04
Beltzhoover, Jennie B111.04
Beltzhoover, John B111.04
Beltzhoover, John P. B111.01
Beltzhoover, Louisa B111.02
Beltzhoover, Mary Ellen B111.02
Beltzhoover, Mayme B111.04
Beltzhoover, Mazie B111.04
Beltzhoover, Nola B111.04
Beltzhoover, Rachel B111.04
Beltzhoover, Rebecca B111.02
Beltzhoover, Susan B111.02
Bender, H. A. 50077, 140013, 140020, 160041
Benham, Hattie L. B298.04
Benham, Mortimer B298.04
Benham, W. M. 120028, B102.03
Benham, William 30029
Benham, William M. B298.01
Benn, J. H. 160079
Bennett, - 50044, 100022
Bennett, Ada B036.04
Bennett, Alice B036.03, B036.04
Bennett, Anna B132.02
Bennett, Bessie B036.05
Bennett, Carl B036.04
Bennett, Charles B036.04
Bennett, Clara B036.05
Bennett, Earl B036.04
Bennett, Edith B036.04
Bennett, Emma B036.04
Bennett, Ernest B036.04
Bennett, Etta B036.05
Bennett, Flora B036.03, B036.05
Bennett, Flora Jane B036.04
Bennett, Frank B036.04
Bennett, Fred 30051
Bennett, Fred E. B036.04
Bennett, Freddie B036.04
Bennett, Harriet B036.01
Bennett, Harry B036.04
Bennett, Hattie B036.04
Bennett, Henry B036.04
Bennett, James B036.05
Bennett, James Hite B036.04
Bennett, Jesse M. B036.04
Bennett, Jessie B036.04
Bennett, Jim B036.03
Bennett, Johnnie R. B036.05
Bennett, Joseph 150014, 150023
Bennett, Lizzie B036.04
Bennett, M. V. B. 70036, B069.04
Bennett, Mary B057.03
Bennett, Mattie B011.05, B036.05
Bennett, May B036.04
Bennett, Ninnie B036.05
Bennett, O. H. 160064
Bennett, Oren B036.01, B036.02
Bennett, Oscar H. B036.01
Bennett, Sarah B036.05
Bennett, Wilmer B011.05
Benson, Clara June B038.09
Benson, Cynthia Ann B038.08
Benson, Emma Allen B038.08
Benson, George W. B038.09
Benson, H. C. B038.06
Benson, James B038.01
Benson, Lucy May B038.09
Benson, Margaret Ann B038.09
Benson, Marguerite Christine B038.09
Benson, Martha B038.01
Benson, Martha Marinda B038.08
Benson, Prudence M. B038.08
Benson, Rose Lee B038.08
Benson, Samuel B038.01, B038.05
Benson, Samuel I. B038.08
Benson, Theodoshia B038.08
Benson, Tressie Treene B038.09
Benson, William M. B038.01
Benson, William Willard B038.08
Berger, Adam B293.05
Berger, Eliza B293.05
Berger, Mary B293.05
Bergman, Anna B021.06
Bergman, Emma B090.02
Bergman, George B090.02
Bergman, Mary B156.06
Bernard, C. R. 50068, 50071, B033.04
Bernine, Jacob D. 160070
Berry, J. S. 160062
Best, Dora B242.06
Best, Edward B242.06
Best, Gertrude B242.06
Best, J. E. B090.02
Best, Mary B090.02
Best, Wesley B157.05
Best, Wesley E. 120017, 120026
Betson, Margaret B175.01
Bettis, - 70036
Betty, Alonzo J. B057.03
Betty, Amanda B057.02
Betty, Caroline B057.02
Betty, Charles H. B057.01
Betty, Francis B057.02
Betty, Irven B057.03
Betty, Isaac B057.01, B057.02
Betty, Jesse N. B057.03
Betty, Louisa B057.01, B057.02
Betty, Mirten B057.03
Betty, Robert B057.02
Betty, Robert C. 160094
Betty, Russell C. B057.03
Betty, Wilbert D. B057.03
Betty, William B057.02
Betty, Willis R. B057.03
Betzer, Julia A. B135.05
Bevier, Rachel B124.04

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