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These many pages of valuable Chase County Cemetery Transcriptions has been graciously provided to the KSGenWeb Digital Library for use by Judy Lutt.  She has spent many hours, days and even weeks walking the Chase County Cemeteries to gather this data.

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Name Birth Death Age Cemetery Notes/Inscription

Obley, John C.

Feb 18, 1863 Oct 11, 1938 Toledo
Obley, Lee R. Nov 21, 1889 Jun 1, 1939 Toledo
Obley, Lizzie Belle Dec 23, 1869 Jul 30, 1918 Toledo
O'Byrne, Nellie no dates St. Anthony's next to Sarah O'Byrne Murphy
O'Daniel, Maud Sep 11, 1893 aged 45y 2d Toledo d/o W.W. & S. P.
O'Daniel, Sarah Pauline Nov 5, 1859 Nov 29, 1929 Toledo

O'Daniel, Wm. Winfield

Dec 3, 1875 Mar 7, 1928 Toledo
Odle, Hattie Emily Oct 6, 1879 Oct 10, 1954 Homestead next to James B.
Odle, James Burton May 8, 1876 Oct 11, 1959 Homestead next to Hattie Emily
Odle, Janna Gale Aug 30, 1957 Jan 19, 1973 Homestead
Odle, Minnie Mar 31, 1883 Feb 21, 1918 Homestead on stone with William P.
Odle, William P. Jul 16, 1873 Oct 7, 1965 Homestead on stone with Minnie

O'Donnell, Hugh

no dates St. Anthony's next to Albert Daub
O'Donnell, John H. 1881 1964 St. Anthony's next to Mary
O'Donnell, Margaret Sep 12, 1877 Nov 29, 1962 St Anthony's next to Thomas Sr.
O'Donnell, Mary 1861 1939 St. Anthony's next to John H.
O'Donnell, Monus & Bridget no dates St. Anthony's next to Mary, In Memory Of
O'Donnell, Thomas Sep 6, 1887 aged 60y St Anthony's Born Co. Mayo, Ireland

O'Donnell, Thomas (Jr.)

Apr 22, 1893 aged 45y St Anthony's next to Margaret
Ohm, Caroline Mar 6, 1871 Oct 1, 1929 Bazaar
Ohm, Frank Feb 22, 1867 Nov 10, 1937 Bazaar
Ohm, Frederich Apr 27, 1829 Feb 10, 1903 Bazaar
Oles, Fred C. Sep 16, 1894 aged 22 y 2 m 5 d Bazaar s/o R. and P. Oles
Oles, Jessie A. Apr 14, 1858 Sep 5, 1926 Bazaar

Oles, Mary A.

Aug 15, 1870 Dec 25, 1943 St. Anthony's nee Gannon
Oles, P. * * Bazaar listed on stone of Fred C.
Oles, Russell Feb 28, 1820 Feb 28, 1888 Bazaar
Oles, William N. Mar 6, 1865 Dec 25, 1943 Bazaar
Olinger, Holland D. Nov 5, 1887 54y 4m 21d Matfield Green
Olinger, twin sons Aug 21, 1884 Aug 22, 1884 Matfield Green next to Holland D.

Olson, Anders

1857 1928 Strong City on stone with Karin
Olson, Andrew 1884 1957 Strong City next to Anders
Olson, Charles 1879 1956 Strong City next to Andrew
Olson, Karin 1854 1940 Strong City on stone with Anders
O'Neill, Anna 1959 1937 St. Anthony's next to James
O'Neill, James S. Oct 10, 1907 aged 61y St. Anthony's next to Anna

O'Reilly, Henry G.

Mar 6, 1889 May 19, 1954 St. Anthony's next to Mary Ann
O'Reilly, James H. Jun 22, 1885 Jul 2, 1885 St. Anthony's s/o J. & Rose O'Reilly
O'Reilly, Mary Ann Mar 28, 1963 St. Anthony's next to Henry
O'Reilly, Mary Esther no dates St. Anthony's next to Henry G.
Orrill, Addieline Sep 10, 1869 Toledo md John E. Benson
Osborn, Barbara Jean March 1939 April 1939 Toledo d/o Homer & Margaret

Osborn, Birdie O'Daniel

Dec 13, 1883 Feb 14, 1945 Toledo
Osborn, Della, M. (twin) Aug 13, 1886 2m 10d Old Quaker Dau of M. & L. M. Osborn
Osborn, Guy C. 1878 1932 Toledo
Osborn, Hanna Mar 18, 1873 aged 28y 4m 3d Old Quaker
Osborn, Homer * * Toledo listed on Barbara's stone

Osborn, Lydia Maria

1849 1913 Toledo wife of Wm. Osborn
Osborn, Margaret * * Toledo listed on Barbara's stone
Osborn, Nellie 1894 1978 Prairie Grove md Harper
Osborn, R. A. Sherman May 5, 1868 aged 1y 8m 10d Old Quaker
Osborn, Roy J. Jun 20, 1883 Toledo

Osborn, Stella M.

Aug 9, 1886 2m 14 d Old Quaker twin dau of M. & L. M. Osborn
Osborn, William * * Toledo listed on Lydia's stone
Osborn, William Sep 14, 1891 aged 57y 4m Old Quaker
Osborn, Wm Rolfe Dec 22, 1877 7m 11 d Old Quaker son of W. & L. M. Osborn
Overstreet, Amos Bert 1884 1967 Strong City on stone with Elizabeth

Overstreet, Clarence

1887 1975 Homestead next to Edna & Clayton R.
Overstreet, Clayton R. Dec 24, 1920 Dec 31, 1921 Homestead next to Clarence & Edna
Overstreet, Edith Jun 7, 1903 Apr 6, 1906 Wonsevu next to John T. and Margaret
Overstreet, Edna 1888 1971 Homestead next to Clarence & Clayton
Overstreet, Elizabeth 1881 1980 Strong City on stone with Amos Bert
Overstreet, John T. 1859 1938 Wonsevu "Father"

Overstreet, Margaret

1863 1941 Wonsevu "Mother"
Owens, Sarah E. Dec 14, 1841 Clements
Owens, William Nov 28, 1869 Oct 12, 1898 Clements
Oxford, John F. 1897 1966 Wonsevu
Oxford, John F. Feb 12, 1897 Dec 16, 1966 Wonsevu on stone with Millie R.
Oxford, Millie R. Mar 28, 1897 Dec 28, 1969 Wonsevu on stone with John F.

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