Nickerson College

Reno County High School

NICKERSON COLLEGE AND RENO COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL is an educational combination of importance in the State of Kansas. The high school was established under the state law of 1886 authorizing the founding of such institutions, and nearly thirty counties have availed themselves of its provisions. Nickerson Normal College was founded in 1898. The South Side School Building was remodeled for the college and the City High School merged into the college. The first board of trustees consisted of W. E. Detter, George Turbush, J. H. Jackson, W. F. Hendry, L. C. Brown, J. A. Wilson and E. B. Smith. Professor Smith was its first president. In the fall of 1899 the Reno County High School was organized as the preparatory department of the college. It has had the effect of consolidating the schools of the county into a compact system and of placing the modern forms of higher education within the reach of the attendant of the district school. Since 1911 the Reno County High School has been a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. C. L. Cole is principal of the high school.

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written & compiled by William E. Connelley, 1918, transcribed February 10, 2000.

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