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Location of Woodson County, KS
County Seat: Yates Center 
Founded: 1855 
    ·   3,788  (2000) 
    ·   4,116  (1990) 
    · 10,022  (1900) 
Area: 498 Square Miles 
Standard Abbreviation: WO 




Woodson County  

Woodson County Courthouse in Yates Center, Kansas

Interesting Places

  • The courthouse square in Yates Center is an American classic. Over fifty buildings and stores are on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Frannie's in Yates Center is still "the" place to eat.  Customer's pay one dollar (plus tax!) and put their money directly into the open cash register.
  • The town of Kalida, about three miles from Yates Center, pretty much vanished in the 1870s, but fascinating stone structures remain.
  • Piqua was the birthplace of Buster Keaton. His parents happened to be "playing" the town with a medicine show when the time came; they left two weeks later. There is a local Buster Keaton Museum.


Map of Woodson County, KS in 1899
Organized in 1855. County Seat, Yates Center. Named in honor of Daniel Woodson, who was Secretary of the Territory, and for some time acting Governor, after the resignation of Governor Shannon in 1856.
Map and text from History of Kansas, Noble Prentis, (Winfield: E.P. Greer. 1899)

William G. Cutler's History of Kansas, first published in 1883, tells about early Woodson County.
The Special Collections of the Ablah Library at WSU contain historical images of Toronto, Vernon, and Yates Center.
The Kansas State Historical Society also has more historical data for Woodson County online including a rich bibliography and lists of cemeteries, post offices, and newspapers.

Cities, Towns, & Villages of Woodson County

  Year  Elev  Population Name              ZIP
  ====  ====  ========== ================ =====
        1004             Athens
        1060             Batesville
         997             Cookville
        1000             Durand
        1073             Hasty
         975         179 Neosho Falls     66758
        1030             Piqua            66761
        1015             Rose
  1869   950         312 Toronto          66777
        1060             Vernon
  1875  1136       1,599 Yates Center     66783
Census Bureau Profile & Map


  • Toronto Public Library   (620) 637-2714
    107 W. Main, Toronto, KS 66777
  • Yates Center Public Library   (620) 625-3341
    218 N. Main, Yates Center, KS 66781


  • Buster Keaton Museum   Piqua
  • Woodson County Historical Museum   (316) 625 2371
    208 West Mary, Yates Center, KS 66783

Woodson County School Systems


  • Yates Center News   (620) 625-2181
    113 S. Main, Yates Center, KS 66783

More Data about Woodson County

Economic Development
  • Kansas County Profile Reports
    Statistical data from The Institute for Policy and Social Research, the University of Kansas
Health Data



  • Woodson County History
    (Dallas: Curtis Media Corp. 1987)

Woodson County Offices

  • Woodson County   (620) 625-2179
    105 W. Rutledge St., Yates Center, KS 66783
  • Extension Service   (620) 625-8620
    Courthouse, 105 W. Rutledge, Yates Center, KS 66783-1471
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