Osage County Rapp School, Osage County, Kansas

  Rapp School

Rapp School, Osage County, Kansas

Torsten E. Isaacson - Attended '44-52

On nice days we ate lunch east of school under a couple of big trees south of driveway next to county road.
During bad weather we roller skated in the basement. We went around in a counter clockwise direction. We all replaced the steel wheels quite often.
Dick, Lowell and Gary Lindbloom rode a horse to school during good weather, (3 miles)
We played a lot of softball Duane Fredrickson knew the rules and was the organizer.
Paul, Jimmy, Janice and Tommy Colstrom walked to school in all types of weather. Most of the kids walked to school most of the time.
We were playing football and Duane Fredrickson broke his leg.
We played marbles just west of the front steps.
Marlene Fredrickson cut her right hip severely on a broken slipper slide.
Two basketball goals were added during my time in Rapp.
My teachers were Wilma Culver and Mabel Benton. Teachers were required to do all janitorial work in addition to teaching 8 grades. Sometimes we were asked to add coal or carry out ashes. Somewhere I heard in the early '50s teachers received a salary of $375-$400 per month.

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