Kingman County, KS.

News from Norwich, Kansas
June 2, 1905

   A heavy rain fell here yester-
day morning.
   The editor was in Belmont on
business Monday.
   BORN. To Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Oyler, Sunday, May 28, a girl.
Reported by Dr. McLaughlin.
   Hail caused some damage west
of town Sunday, some fields be-
ing damaged about 50 per cent.
   Mrs. J. E. Lightner and little
son came down from Wichita
Wednesday for a short stay with
friends here.
   Miss Bonnie Day left yester-
day for her home after an ex-
tended visit with her grandpa-
rents H. Bell and wife.
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   Mrs. Mabel Ott returned to
her home in Zenda Wednesday
after a week's visit with her pa-
rents, C. E. Settle and wife, east
of town.
   Cashier Reynolds and wife ex-
pect to leave tomorrow for a two
week's visit with relatives in Col-
orado. Frank Thorne will look
after affairs in the bank during
Jim's absence.
   Mrs. E. F. Oblinger and her
sister, Miss Vera Anderson, went
to Wichita Wednesday, and we
understand that the latter goes
from that place to her home in
Vicksburg, Michigan.
   Jerry Hartman returned from
Missouri last Friday and reports
the window lock business good,
but he did not care to stay away
from his chosen land just to reap
a few Missouri shekels.
   The Peewees have had hard luck
the past week, having had to call
for help to win one game in the
three they have played. One of
their defeats was a shut out and
the other by an overwhelming
   A new time card goes into ef-
fect on the Santa Fe next Sun-
day, the 4th, the passenger going
west at 10:23 a. m. 10 minutes
earlier and east at 11:37 a. m. 8
earlier than formerly. Not much
change but enough to leave a

From the Norwich Herald
February 21, 2002 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas /

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