Local News


__Candidates are "rustling."
__Shall we have street lamps?
__Public school opened Monday.
__Trade is brightening up immensely.
__School books sold like "hot cakes"
this week.
__Marshal W. D. Fossett and wife are
attending the Harper fair.
__It seems quite natural to hear the
clang of the schoolbell.
__Geo. F. Berry was out to Ninnescah
several days this week on business.
__W. L. Easten, of Richland township
has our thanks for some fine peaches.
__Attend the entertainment at the
Opera House next Thursday evening.
__Capt. L. C. Almond and Carson M.
Bay were in Wichita last week on busi-
__The United Brethren are erecting
neat edifice in the northern part of the
__Marshal Fossett will enter his little
gray mare In the running race at the Har-
per fair this week.
__Mrs. Jennie Nicolette, nee Capps, of
Newton, visited her sister, Mrs. P. J.
Conklin, of this city, last week.
__W. P. Jones, of Fall River, Kansas
spent several days in Kingman this week
with a view to investing in property.
__Mr. and Mrs. Woolard, of Wichita
were visiting their daughter, Mrs. Harry
Gillen, of this city, last week.
__M. N. Jones, official reporter of the
twentieth district, was in the city Mon-
day en route for Pratt Center.
__W. H. Childs is making preparation
to build a coal yard near the Wichita
& Western railroad track, on Sherman
__Dr. C.W. Myers left Tuesday for
Atkinson, Henry county, Ill., on an ex-
tended visit to friends and relatives at
his old home.
__Medicine Lodge Cressett: Mrs. J. P
Jones and Miss Katie Veatch, of King-
man, passed through the city Monday on
their way to Comanche county.
__John M. Beck, a capitalist from New
York city, in company with J. D. Humph-
reys, of this city, made the Courier a
pleasant call Wednesday.
__A Garden City editor speaks of hav-
ing "embraced an opportunity." It must
have been an apparition. We don't be-
lieve he would be guilty of such an act.
__The fiends who do the "drumming
act" for the different hotels in this city,
make night hideous with their yells for
residents in several blocks of the depot.
__James Kelly, the able editor of the
Pratt Press, was in the city last week,
Bro. Kelly has rather a warm county
seat fight on his hands but he is holding
his own.
__Capt. L. C. Almond, proprietor of
the Opera House, has just put in a Math-
ushek orchestral piano. Ha purchased
this elegant piano of Oscar Capps, the
music dealer of this city.
__While the excitement about extreme
western lands continues, do not lose
sight of the fact that Kingman county is
our home, and that our first and best ef-
forts should be towards building it up.
__The Courier issued this week a neat
eight page folder for the enterprising real
estate firm of E. W. Stafford & Co. The
genial manager and proprietor, Mr. J. D.
Humphrey, is not only a wide-awake
businessman, but a reliable and courte-
ous gentleman. Parties wanting to pur-
chase a farm should not fail to call and
see him.
__The Norwich News is the name of a
new paper issued at Norwich, this county.
E. N. Haag is the editor, and H. G. Price
is business manager. It is a newsy sheet
and presents a neat and prosperous ap-
pearance. We wish it unbounded success.
__James St. John, of Hutchinson, Kas.,
one of the proprietors of the St. John &
Marsh Lumber Co. was in the city this
week. This firm has recently established
a yard in this city, with H.T. Provines
as manager.
__Married, at the residence of the bride's
grandfather, Mr. Jno. Nickell, in Chicas-
kia township, on 'the 6th inst., by the
Rev. T. P. Hales, Mr, Thos. Cummings,
of Sedgwick county, and Miss L. M.
Jacks of Kingman.
__N. G. Covell, living two and one half
miles west of Kingman, brought to the
COURIER office this week a nice variety
of peaches, and a sample of 'his timothy.
One Peach, "stump of the world," meas-
ured eight and one half inches in cir-
cumference. He presented the editor
with a peck of this variety, for which he
has our sincere thanks.

Kingman Journal
September 18, 1885
August 20, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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