Location in Kansas of Kingman County.

Kingman County,

Items From Cleveland.

[By a Reporter.]

      Now that the scramble for nominations
are over, all things are quiet about Cleveland,
except the rush in business.
      W. W. Magruder keeps a good assortment
of dry goods, groceries, queensware
glassware, flour, meal and drugs, which
he is dispensing to his customers at a
lively rate.
      Frank Byers retains the respect of the
farmers by keeping their plows sharp
and their horses feet shod.
      The Cleveland post office is still in the
hands of E. Ozbun, notwithstanding his
resignation and the effort that has been
put forth by the democrats to have a
change in the office.
      Rev. Thomas, of Kingman, preached a
sermon to an appreciative audience last
Sabbath in our town. There is preaching
here nearly every Sunday afternoon,
at the schoolhouse. We are talking up
the subject of building a church house at
this place.
      If those young bloods who were running
horse races in our streets last Sunday will
refrain from disturbing the peace
hereafter there will probably be nothing
more said about it, but a word to the
wise is sufficient.

Kingman Leader-Courier, August 5, 1909
Provided by the Kingman Carnegie Library
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