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Ellsworth County Courthouse, Ellsworth, Kansas.  Photo by Susan Howell.
 Ellsworth County Courthouse

Ellsworth County


County Seat: Ellsworth 
Organized: 1867 
    · 6,525 (2000)
    · 6,586 (1990)
    · 9,626 (1900)
Area: 717 Square Miles 
Standard Abbreviation: EW



Map of Ellsworth County, KS in 1899
Organized in 1867. County seat Ellsworth. Named after Fort Ellsworth, a military post built on the bank of the Smoky Hill, in 1864. This fort was so called by General Curtis, in honor of the officer who constructed it, Allen Ellsworth, Second Lieutenant of Company H, Seventh Iowa Cavalry. When the name was adopted for the county it was supposed that the fort had been named in honor of Colonel E. E. Ellsworth of national fame.
Map and text from History of Kansas, Noble Prentis, (Winfield: E.P. Greer. 1899)


Fort Harker near Kanopolis was a frontier Army post originally founded in 1864 as Fort Ellsworth. It was renamed Fort Harker in 1866 and was abandoned in 1872.  The fort, the town, and the county were named for Lt Allen Ellsworth, Co. H, 7th Iowa Cavalry.
William G. Cutler's History of Kansas, first published in 1883, tells about early Ellsworth County.
The Special Collections of the Ablah Library at WSU contain historical images of Ellsworth, Holyrood, and Wilson.
The Kansas State Historical Society also has more historical data for Ellsworth County online including a rich bibliography and lists of cemeteries, post offices, and newspapers.

Cities, Towns, & Villages of Ellsworth County

    Town                Population  ZIP         Year  Elevation
    =================   ==========  =========   ====  =========
    Arcola                                              1450
    Black Wolf                                          1568
    Carneiro                                            1560
    Ellsworth                2,965  67439       1867    1550
    Holyrood                   464  67450       1874    1805
    Kanopolis                  543  67454       1885    1574
    Langley                                             1540
    Lorraine                   136  67459       1888    1781
    Midway                                              1671
    Terra Cotta                                         1520
    Venango                                             1505
    Wilson                     799  67490       1873    1689
    Yankee Run                                          1270
U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts about Ellsworth County
The beautiful old hospital in Ellsworth is now available for other uses.

Special Places in Ellsworth County

Kansas Originals Market sign
  • The Kansas Originals Market, packed with Kansas products, has a tourist information center. It's on I-70 near Wilson, and its a great place to stop for a break.
  • Drovers Mercantile in downtown Ellsworth is a fascinating store full of cowboy gear.
  • Fort Harker at Kanopolis was a frontier supply post for the Army. It's now a museum.
  • Mushroom Rock State Park near Kanopolis features large sandstone boulders balanced on pedestals of softer rock.

Special Web Sites about Ellsworth County



Ellsworth County School Systems



More Data About Ellsworth County

Economic Development
  • Kansas County Profile Reports
    Statistical data from The Institute for Policy and Social Research, the University of Kansas
Health Data


Ellsworth County Offices

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