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McPherson College Carnegie Library - McPherson, KS

The earliest known reference to McPherson College's Carnegie Library is in the 1911 "Dandelion":

"The Library Building was dedicated Sept. 10, 1907. This modern and very serviceable building is due in a great measure to the business ability and management of S.B. Fahnestock. He obtained over sixteen thousand dollars endowment for the up-keep of a library and enough volumes to secure of Andrew Carnegie the gift of a fifteen thousand dollar Library building."

Photo:McPherson College Carnegie Library
McPherson College Carnegie Library

In 1906, McPherson College raised nearly $15,000 endowment to which philanthropist-steelman Andrew Carnegie added an equal sum to construct a library. Historical papers by J. L. Rowland in the McPherson Museum indicate that pictures on the walls of the new library were "mostly a gift from the King of Italy." Twelve years later, the city of McPherson also secured funds from Carnegie for the erection of a library. For many years, McPherson claimed to be the only city in the nation with two Carnegie libraries.

The college catalog said the library had 10,000 volumes when it opened.

Beeghly Library now houses our College Advancement, Alumni, and Communication offices at McPherson College

Thanks to Susan Taylor and Jenny Williams of McPherson College
for providing the above information