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MuniNet Reviews Blue Skyways
The following review was published in the April/May issue of MuniNet Guide & Review (vol. 4, issue 4).

The Kansas State Library homepage is part of Blue Skyways, an umbrella service of the state library that acts as a gateway to community, educational, government and library information on the web. Both Blue Skyways and the Kansas State Library are highly impressive on many counts, from their respective neat, well-organized appearance to the vast amount of materials that can be accessed through them. Eric Hansen, Executive Director of the Kansas Library Network Board of the Kansas State Library says that top users of Blue Skyways include (but are not limited to) librarians, genealogical researchers and state employees; we can't imagine anyone who lives (or otherwise has interest) in the state of Kansas or its municipalities not finding this web site to be an incredibly valuable--and easy to use--resource.

Highlights of the library portion of the site include Legislative Research Services (quite possibly our favorite); three online catalogs; state documents--from the Constitution to current budget reports--and the reference materials (did you know that the state reptile is the Ornate Box Turtle?); monthly State Library Newsletters (in .pdf files); "Check it Out," a selected list of new materials; and an online Book Request form.

Eric Hansen says that Blue Skyways, launched in December of 1995, now receives an average of 525,000 page views per month. Most-often visited pages include Kansas Counties, Libraries, Legislative Research Department, and AccessKansas: Online Database Service (password required).

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links: 4 search engine: 4
interactivity: 2  cost: free

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