A Dozen Effective Tips for Lobbying


  1. Always make an appointment to visit your legislator.
  2. Identify yourself and/or the organization you represent, always mentioning the number of members or constituents in the organization.
  3. Make sure you inform the legislator that you are a registered voter in his/her district.(However, Committee Chairs represent your special interests, therefore you do not have to live in their districts.)
  4. If lobbying with a group, one or two persons should speak on behalf of the group.
  5. Always prepare and present two or three points.Leave supporting documents with the legislator.
  6. Get your point across in the fewest possible words.Do not use jargon or rhetoric make it a conversation or short discussion.
  7. Give the legislator a chance to express his/her point of view and be a good listener.
  8. Donít be afraid to admit ignorance on special points.This will give you an opportunity to find the answer and contact the legislator again.
  9. Do not argue, name call, or threaten.Leave that to the opposition.
  10. Give special recognition to the legislators who are known to be on your side, and ask them for advice and help in reaching other legislators.
  11. Even if you are turned down, leave on a friendly note, with a firm handshake.
  12. Send a letter immediately, thanking the legislator for his/her time and enclose information on your affiliate or the issues you discussed.