Kansas Library Association: Presidential Awards

The Nomination Form is available in Adobe PDF format.

Presidential awards are presented to recognize distinguished service to the Kansas library community and/or to librarianship in general by individuals and institutions in the following categories:

Library Advocates

To be given to an individual or institution in recognition of exemplary leadership or support for growth and development of the Kansas Library Association and/or a library or libraries in Kansas. Such leadership and support may be, for example, in areas of library-related legislation, media coverage or in writings which further the understanding and appreciation of Kansas and its libraries.

New Professionals

To be given to a Kansas Library Association member who, within the first five years after having earned a professional degree, has made a positive impact on the quality of library service and/or the role of library personnel in Kansas.

Library Personnel

To be given to a Kansas Library Association member, either individual or institution, who has made notable contributions to the library profession, furthered significant development of libraries in Kansas, or performed exemplary service for an extended period of time. In case of retired individuals, the nominee may be a past member of the Kansas Library Association.

Meritorious Service

To be given to an individual or institution in recognition of exemplary and sustained service to the benefit of Kansas libraries and library users and/or the Kansas Library Association.

Potential recipients may be nominated by members of the Kansas Library Association, either individuals or institutions, by submitting a nomination form BY E-MAIL OR FAX ONLY, with supporting documentation, ON OR BEFORE MARCH 5, 2008, to the following:


KLA Presidential Awards Committee

Carol Barta

Assistant Director/Consultant

North Central Kansas Library System

629 Poyntz Ave.

Manhattan, KS 66502-6131

Phone Number: (785) 776-4741 ext. 140


Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to, letters of recommendation and vita.

Recommendations for award recipients will be forwarded from the Committee to the Executive Committee of KLA, who will make the final selection: the award(s) will be presented at the Tri-Conference General Session.

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