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Using Your New E-mail Account:
E-Mail Attachments

Or, how to see the pictures that your kids sent of the grandkids.

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One of the most fun things about having an e-mail account is the fact that you can so easily stay in touch with those who are far away from you. This extends not only to textual messages, it also includes pictures!

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Lets say for a moment that our friend Joe Somebody has a daughter, Liz, who has two adorable sons. Liz sent Joe an e-mail message that had an attachment that was a picture of the boys. How would Joe see the picture? Let's find out!

Notice here that beside Liz's message, there is a paper-clip icon:

This paper-clip icon means that there is an attachment on the message, and to get it we'll need to click on that message to look at it.

Once you've opened the message, you'll see something like this (with the message addressed to you, of course):

To begin saving the photo, click "Save to Computer." This begins the process of viewing/saving the photo to your computer.

Click Open to view the file immediately, or click Save to save the file to your computer for viewing later. Make sure that you note where you save your picture if you decide to save it. Often times pictures are saved by default in a folder called My Pictures within your My Documents folder. The My Documents folder is often found either on your Start menu (the green button at the bottom left of your screen) or on your Desktop.

Attaching Files to an E-mail
or, how to send your kids pictures of your vacation

Sending attachments is for the more advanced Yahoo! mail user. For more information about attaching photos and other kinds of files to Yahoo! mail, please see the following website: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/send/send-17.html

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