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Get a Free Yahoo! E-mail Account

This lesson will help you get a free e-mail account from Yahoo!

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In order to take advantage of all that the web has to offer, it is useful to have an e-mail account to send messages to friends, family, co-workers, and other trustees. E-mail is a method of electronically passing messages from one computer user to another over the Internet.

This lesson will help you get set up with a free Yahoo! e-mail account that you can check from any computer that has an Internet connection, including the computer in your library.

Signing Up For A Yahoo! E-mail Account

Printable copy of these instructions

  • Go to the website mail.yahoo.com.

  • Click the Sign Up Now Button (sign up button)

  • Select Yahoo! Mail (it is the one with the purple picture at the top and says "Free!" above the "Sign Up for Yahoo! Mail" button).

  • Enter in your information.

  • Hint: You only need to fill in boxes that have a red asterisk beside them, as this example illustrates: You have to fill in anything that has a red asterisk beside it

  • Select a Yahoo! ID. This is the part of your e-mail address that will come before @yahoo.com.

  • Hint: Many people use Yahoo! for their e-mail, so you may not be able to get the first Yahoo! ID you try. You may have to try several Yahoo! ID's before you find one that is available. An example of a good user ID that is likely available is joesomebody35 where joesomebody is your first and last name and 35 is your favorite number.

  • Read the "Terms of Service" and the "Yahoo! Privacy Policy" then click Submit this Form

    Hint: If you are returned to the form, check to make sure you entered your information correctly, and that you didn't leave any boxes with red asterisks blank.

  • Congratulations! Your e-mail address will be your unique Yahoo! ID followed by @yahoo.com.


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