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Downloading the KLTA Newsletter

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The Kansas Library Trustee Association publishes a quarterly newsletter that we have made available to all who visit our web site. It is available by clicking on the "Current Issue" link to your left under "Trustee Talk." Clicking the link should bring you to a page that looks similar to the following:

PDF Example screen

Notice the extra toolbar in Internet Explorer. It starts with a button that says "Save a Copy." Seeing this bar indicates that you have just downloaded an Adobe PDF file. PDF files are often used to present content that the author wants to appear the same (and print the same) regardless of what browser one is using.

If you did not see the Save a Copy button or the newsletter when you clicked the "Current Issue" link, it means that you do not have the appropriate software installed on your computer and you will need to get the Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. Click here to get instructions on how to get the software you need.

If you would like to save the newsletter to your computer for viewing at a later time, click the "Save a Copy" button, and the following screen will appear:

Save As screen

Click the "Desktop" button on the left side to select your desktop, then click Save. These files can be quite large and may take a little while to download, especially if you are using dial-up Internet access. Once it's finished, you will have saved the newsletter to your computer.

To view a newsletter you have saved to your computer:

Double click the file you downloaded (in this case, it will be on your Desktop, under the name "TT.Vol5.No3.pdf" or something similar) and it will open in Adobe Reader.

To get the Adobe Reader software:

Click here for a printable copy of these instructions, so you can easily follow them as we take you to another web site to download the Adobe Reader software.

Adobe Reader Download and Installation Instructions Using the Adobe Download Manager

  1. Click here, or visit www.acrobat.com, to go to the Adobe Reader download page.

    You could also type in the following web address into the address bar and then click the Go button: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

  2. Complete 'Step 1 of 2' by selecting your 'Language', 'Platform', and 'Connection speed' from the dropdown menus. In order to know what platform you are using, note what your computer shows when you start it up, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows XP. If your window looks similar to all of the examples on this site, you're probably running Windows XP.
    The 'Adobe Reader - Download' screen expands to display 'Step 2 of 2'.

  3. Complete 'Step 2 of 2' by verifying that the checkbox next to option 'Download the full version of Adobe Reader (recommended)…' is checked.  Then, verify that the checkbox next to option 'Do not use Adobe Download Manager' is not checked. Click the 'continue' button.
    The 'Adobe Reader - Download Thank you' screen is displayed.

  4. Click the 'download' button.
    The 'Browse for Folder' dialog box is displayed.

  5. Browse to (and make note of) a location to save the file you are preparing to download. Click the 'OK' button to download and save the Adobe Reader install file (AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe) to your machine.
    Please be patient, as this file may take a few minutes to download and save.

  6. When the download has finished, the 'Adobe Reader - Setup' pop-up box is displayed, prompting you to begin the installation process. 

  7. At the 'Adobe Reader - Setup' pop-up box, click the 'Next' button to start the installation process, then follow the prompts to complete the process.* 
    Once you have stepped through the prompts, the 'Adobe Reader - Setup' screen will display the status of your installation, and indicate when the installation has finished successfully.

  8. Once installation is complete, click the 'Finish' button to exit the 'Adobe Reader - Setup' dialog box.

  9. If desired, open Adobe Reader from the shortcut on your desktop.
    Note that when you open Adobe Reader for the first time, the 'Adobe Reader - License Agreement' is displayed.

  10. To use Adobe Reader, accept the terms of the license agreement by clicking the 'Accept' button.

  11. If desired, you may delete the .exe file (AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe) once you have completed the installation process.

*If you cannot install the file immediately, you may cancel the installation process and install later by double-clicking on the .exe file (AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe) that you downloaded.

Congratulations! You should now be able to click on the "Current Issue" link and view the KLTA Newsletter file in your browser as shown above.

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