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Using the KLTA Web Site

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This section will help you learn how to navigate our web page.

Now that we know what all of the buttons and bars are, we'll learn about how to navigate a web page and add a specific web page to your favorites.

Following Links

  • Blue text like this is called a link. You can click on it with your mouse and it will take you to another page on the web. When you place your mouse cursor over the blue text, it will turn into a hand. Go ahead and click on the blue text above. Also remember that when you click a link, it takes you forward one step. To go back to the page previous, click the back button button in your browser. All of the items in the list on the left in the green bar are links. Try clicking on some of them. Remember to use your back button button to come back here and continue the lesson.

    Pictures on the web can also be links to other pages. They can be harder to see, but a sure fire way to know if something (text or picture) is a link is by watching to see if your mouse pointer turns into a hand when you put your mouse pointer over it, like this: pointer hand example.

For example, when you place your mouse cursor over the following picture:

Image Link example
it will turn into a hand. Go ahead and click on it!

Both picture and text links can take you to one of three places:

  • Another page on the same site

  • An "external" web site, or one that is unaffiliated with the page you are viewing (such as yahoo.com, remember to use the back button to come back to this page).

  • An e-mail address, which we'll cover in a later lesson.

Bookmarking or Making a Page a Favorite

Sometimes when you're on the web, you'll find a web page that really strikes your fancy. When this happens, you'll want to remember where it is on the web so that you can visit it again. We can add pages to a list of Favorites that is built into our browser, called "Favorites" in Internet Explorer, and "Bookmarks" in Firefox or Netscape.

To add a page to your favorites, click on the Favorites menu on the menu bar:

and select "Add to Favorites"
menubar screenshot
menubar arrow  





The following message will appear:
Favorites screenshot
Click OK. The page is now in the list of Favorites on your computer!

Another way to add a site to your favorites is to press the ctrl (control key) and the letter D together (ctrl-d). You will see a window just like the one above, click OK. Your page is now saved!

To go back to a page you've saved in your Favorites, click on the Favorites menu on the menu bar, and scroll down the list until you see the name of the site you saved, then click on it. In this case, it will be the Kansas Library Trustee Association.

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