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As part of our mission to promote continuing education and support for library trustees throughout Kansas, we'd like to help trustees learn to use the KLTA website and the Internet at large. The following quick tutorials should help you get going using the web, help you sign up for a free Yahoo! e-mail account, teach you how to use your new e-mail account, and get you started on your Internet journey.

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  • Internet Basics - Just beginning to use the web? This lesson gives you some useful definitions to Internet terminology and is the foundation of all our lessons. Start your navigation training here.

  • Using the KLTA web page - A guide to general Internet use, using our site as the example.

  • Using Google to Search the Web - Can't find what you're looking for on the web? We'll help you use Google to find things.

  • Get a Free Yahoo! E-mail Account - We'll help you get signed up for a free Yahoo! e-mail account.

  • Using Your New E-mail Account - This lesson will help guide you through logging in, checking for messages, reading your e-mail, replying to and sending messages. We'll also help you view those pictures of your grandkids sent to your e-mail account.

  • E-mail discussion lists - Learn the what, why, and how of e-mail discussion lists. We'll also help you sign up for the ALTA (Association for Library Trustees and Advocates) e-mail discussion list.

  • Glossary of Web Terms - See a word in these lessons that you don't understand? Check this glossary provided by the Scholastic publishing company for help with Internet terminology. When you use this glossary, you will be leaving the KLTA website. Use the Back button at the top of your browser window to return to this page.

  • Working With Internet Files - Have you ever asked, "What kind of file is that?" This lesson will provide a quick discussion of Internet file types, how to download or save files from Internet sources and how to navigate the Internet safely.

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