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Crunch time for Kansas legislators starts in January. In 2008, a major library legislative issue will be funding a statewide courier system. It would cost about 1/3 the current price of US mail, FedEx or UPS. KLTA members, help your library. Use the points below or on the Statewide Courier brochure. Contact your legislators. If we don’t speak up, they think we don’t care!

What is being requested?
• The State Library of Kansas is requesting $250,000 from the legislature to help finance a statewide courier system to transport books from one library to another across the state.
• $250,000 in state funds for a courier amounts to less than 10 cents per capita annually
• The total cost of the system is estimated to be $500,000, with $250,000 coming from participating libraries, the Kansas Library Systems and the State Library.

Why does Kansas need a library courier system?
• A courier system would enhance library service for Kansans by providing timely exchange of library materials across the state.
• A courier system would encourage sharing of taxfunded library resources
• A courier system is cost-effective
• A courier service saves staff time and money in packaging and sending
• A courier system levels the playing field for all Kansas libraries to loan and borrow materials for their customers!

How would it work?
• Libraries who wish to participate would arrange for the courier system to deliver three or five times a week, depending on the library’s need.
• The State Library of Kansas would contract for statewide delivery service with a courier company such as one currently serving a bank or pharmaceutical company.
• Administration of the program would be the responsibility of the State Library.

What would it cost?
• Based on courier systems in neighboring states, the average cost for the library will be approximately $1.00 per item.
• Currently it costs from $2.75 to $4.75 to send library material in Kansas using the U.S. mail, UPS or FedEx.
• Savings to the local library from a delivery system would likely go towards the expected increase of volume when books are delivered in a timely and dependable way.
• Savings would also be realized in staff time in with less preparation needed for shipping and delivery to the post office or sending location.
• Savings in wait time for the material to arrive is also important. Currently four to fourteen days are needed for the delivery of materials from one library to another; a courier system could reduce that to 48 hours.

A courier system would enable Kansas libraries to deliver more service for less money.

Youth Services Consultant

Kansas libraries nurture all youth (age birth to 19 years) by providing a welcoming atmosphere, inspiring a love of reading, encouraging curiosity and a joy of discovery, and leading the way to information and ideas that foster a lifetime of learning.

Q - What are we requesting from the legislature?
A - A new position of Statewide Youth Services Consultant. This State Library employee will work with libraries and library systems across Kansas to enhance library services to Kansas youth by obtaining grants (federal and private) and by developing support for additional youth library programs and resources for parents and other adults serving youth.

Q - Why does Kansas need a Statewide Youth Services Consultant?
A - Libraries serve as the primary resource for early literacy materials. Libraries also provide information literacy training and services for youth helping them find the answers they need for learning and pleasure.

Statewide coordination of youth curricula, summer reading programs, afterschool activities (both recreational and educational) and library programming will provide a level playing field for libraries across Kansas. This consultant will be able to work from statewide and nationwide platforms to generate support for excellent library programs and services to youth. Working at the statewide level will foster the development of partnerships that can result in additional resources for youth, parents and educators that can be shared across the state to promote a lifelong love of reading and learning in Kansas youth.

Q-What would a Statewide Youth Services Consultant do?
A-As a state level coordinator for library services and programs to Kansas youth, a statewide consultant would:

• Promote reading and literacy to Kansas youth and families.

• Seek and administer grant funding for increased library services to youth.

• Seek and promote partnerships with business and other community-based organizations to promote and support library services to youth.

• Coordinate statewide services and programs such as the Summer Reading Program.

• Coordinate continuing education opportunities for Kansas librarians to ensure excellent service to Kansas youth.

• Create and maintain a resource clearinghouse for parents, educators and other adults serving Kansas youth.

Q-How would a Statewide Youth Services Consultant benefit the residents of Kansas?
A- A statewide consultant can provide equitable distribution of resources focused on improved and expanded library services and programs to all Kansas youth whether they live in the largest or smallest Kansas communities.  The consultant can work to expand the resources available to Kansas libraries and build partnerships that foster support for Kansas youth.    

Q-What’s the cost for a Statewide Youth Services Consultant?
A-$65,000 annually or less than 10¢ per Kansas youth or less than the cost of a pencil!  (Based on the population of Kansas youth - 780,159, U.S. Bureau of Census, 2006)

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