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Board meeting training
Board members are busy people! Use your board meeting to cover short continuing education (CE) topics. 10 Kansas libraries did a pilot test of board meeting CE in 2007 -- and it works! Pick the topic that works best for your board.

Effective Board Meetings
Director's Script | Trustee Handout

Marketing and Public Relations: How they Work Together
Director's Script | Trustee Handout

Evaluating the Director
Director's Script | Trustee Handout

Budget Issues for Trustees
Director's Script | Trustee Handout

Library trustees face complex issues. They deal with budgets, funding, city and county offices, strategic planning, policies and much more.

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Collection Development ABCs
Financial Review Fights Fraud and Manages Money
Budget Making
Hiring a New Director
How to Sign Up for KanTEP
Real Job Starts At Trustee Orientation
New Education Program Helps Kansas Trustees

What is KanTEP? | Why Should I join? | KanTEP’s Five Core Areas
Training Methods | Earning Credits | Renewing your certificate | Recognition

KanTEP Fan Mail:
“The library board and I had our first training session, ‘Effective Board Meetings.’ I used the director’s template and the board notes. We covered all items and had a good discussion about things such as public comments and consent agendas.
“I also linked the information covered to our by-laws and asked questions of the trustees that I thought were related to the subject at hand. Things went well. It gave the board a chance to focus on one topic without interruption. I know the board and I both appreciate all that KLTA has done to help boards work with more knowledge and efficiency!”—Emily F. Baker, Director, Olathe Public Library

What is KanTEP?

The goal of the voluntary Kansas Trustee Education Program (KanTEP) is to enhance library service for all Kansans through knowledgeable public library trustees.  The statewide program addresses five core skills areas:

  • the library director
  • board operations
  • budgets and advocacy
  • policies
  • planning

 Library trustees are busy people.  KanTEP lets you choose the most convenient way to cover a topic – workshop, online self-study, your director’s presentation at your board meetings and statewide or national conferences.
Library trustees can earn KanTEP certificates, showing their commitment to exceptional library governance and service.
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Why Should I Join?

Board members are often unsure about:

  • Laws and their authority

  • Handling problem patrons

  • Addressing space problems

  • Getting more funding

If any of these issues applies to your board, the voluntary Kansas Trustee Education Program can help.  Whether at your own board meeting, workshops or on-line self study, you can get needed information on these and other important topics.  At the same time, you’ll earn credits towards KanTEP trustee certification.
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KanTEP’s Five Core Areas and Their Topics

Trustees who complete one course in each of the five core skill areas will be certified for a three-year period.  The certificate may be renewed upon completing five additional hours within any of the five core skills:

  • “Trustees shall be able to employ and supervise a qualified library director and periodically evaluate the director’s competence.

  • Trustees shall have the skills to enable the library board to function effectively through good board organization, good documentation and new trustee orientation.

  • Trustees shall be knowledgeable about the library’s annual budget and skilled in marketing and advocating for the library’s needs with local government, community leadership and state government.

  • Trustees shall be capable of assessing and adopting policies that will result in the effective operation of the library, in accordance with state and local laws and with full respect for the Library Bill of Rights.

  • Trustees shall facilitate an ongoing process of strategic planning for the library and will determine their community’s future needs for library facilities, collections and information access.”

Source:  State Library of Kansas, Kansas Trustee Education Program

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KanTEP Topics within the Five Core Skill Areas

Part One:  Working with the Library Administration

- Roles and responsibilities of trustees
- Hiring a New Director
- Supervising the Director
- Evaluating the Director
- If the Director takes a New Position
- Dismissing a Director

Part Two:  Skills for Effective Board Organization-

- Good Board Organization
- Effective Board Meetings
- Documentation of Board Business and Projects
- Orientation for New Trustees

Part Three:  Building Support for the Librar

- Budget and Legal Knowledge for Kansas Trustees
- Library Advocacy
- Marketing the Library to the Community

Part Four:  Creating Effective Library Policies

- How Library Policies Protect the Board, the Staff and the Public
- Assessing and Adopting Library Policies
- Library Policies for

Personnel and Volunteers
Intellectual Freedom
Information Access
Public Services
Emergency Preparedness

Part Five:  Creating and Using a Strategic Plan

- Evaluating the Library’s Present Programs and Services
- Determining the Community’s Future Needs for Library Facilities,
- Collections and Information Access
- Partnering with the Community to Achieve Library Goals
- Source:  State Library of Kansas, Kansas Trustee Education Program

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Many Training Methods

KanTEP’s training topics can be covered in many ways.   Choose the training method that’s best for you.

  • At your local library board meeting

  • At your regional system’s workshops and assemblies

  • Via online or desktop training

  • At KLA or KLTA conferences

  • At national or other library conferences

Training credit will also be given if you teach a workshop or online event, but that credit will be limited to presentation time.
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Earning Credits and Certificates

KanTEP credits are earned only for topics listed under the five core skill areas.
Credits are based on one training hour, defined as 15-60 minutes.  For example, if “Effective Board Meetings” (a topic within core skill area 2, Skills for Effective Board Organization) takes 18 minutes in a board meeting, 1 credit is earned.  If the same topic takes 3 hours at a regional workshop, 3 credits are earned.  If it takes 6 hours in a KLA pre-conference, 6 credits are earned.

Credits are reported on the honor system.

Follow these simple steps to earn credits!

Step 1. Take training on one of the topics in the five core skill areas.

Step 2.  Fill out a credit registration form.  Email it to the State Library c/o Shannon Roy ( ) OR mail it to Certification Program, State Library of Kansas, at Room 343N, State Capitol, 300 SW 10th Ave., Topeka, KS  66612-1593.  The State Library will enter your data into the KanTEP certification database.

Step 3.  For each new training event, register your credits earned.  The goal is to complete training in one topic from EACH of the five core skill areas.  Periodically, the State Library will search the database to see who has qualified for the Orientation Level certificate.

Step 4.  The State Library will notify you when you’ve been awarded the KanTEP Orientation Level certificate.  It is good for three years.

Step 5. The State Library will mail/email you the KanTEP Orientation Level certificate.
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Renewing your KanTEP certificate

To renew the Orientation Level certificate, participants must complete and register five additional hours of CE in ANY of the five core skill areas. 



Certificate winners will be recognized in many ways, including:

  • Honored at the 2008 Trustees Friends Day

  • KLTA website

  • TrusteeTalk newsletter

  • State Library newsletter and website

  • Regional system venues

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