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Leader Libraries’ 20-20 Vision Again Helps All

Continuing education (CE) for trustees is a top priority in Kansas.  Just ask those Leader Libraries whose vision once again will help KLTA play its role in designing and delivering top-quality, convenient CE.

The goal?  Relevant, convenient CE that’s available when and where YOU want it.
The players?  The State Library of Kansas, the regional systems and KLTA.

Visionary Leader Libraries Come Through Again
Bonner Springs, population 6,777; director, Kimberly Beets
Dodge City, population 25,568; director, Cathy Reeves
Kansas City, population 150,316; director, Charles Perdue
Olathe, population 105,274; director, Emily Baker
Due to their generous grants for the third and final year of the Leader Library program, KLTA launched three major projects in 2007-08.

#1. Statewide advocacy. Working with the KLA Government Affairs Committee, the goal is getting $250,000/year for a statewide courier service. Phase 3 starts with the flyer, “Kansas Delivers!” inserted in the 1/08 TrusteeTalk.
#2. More Kansas content on the KLTA website. Daily, more content has been added such as Tonganoxie’s Tree Festival fund raising. Website usage statistics have jumped 10-fold. Keep your eye on Kan-LIBL for announcements about what’s new.
#3. More KanTEP pages in TrusteeTalk. Now each issue has four pages devoted to trustee continuing education, part of the Kansas Trustee Education Program (KanTEP).
Heartfelt thanks to all the libraries that have supported KLTA’s Leader Library program, including earlier participants Topeka-Shawnee, Johnson County, Emporia and Hutchinson. We truly appreciate your trust.

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