Kansas Library Trustee Association

M.E. Grosdidier named KLTA president

M.E. Grosdidier of Eudora has accepted the Presidency of the Kansas Library Trustee Association. KLTA is the largest section of the Kansas Library Association, and has represented library trustees, friends and citizen supporters since 1999.

M.E. is a retired School Library Media Specialist. She worked in the Olathe School District for 27 years as a teaching librarian. She currently serves on the Northeast Kansas Library System's Executive Board, and was Secretary in 2011. She is a past President of the Eudora Public Library Board. M.E. has attended national library conferences with recruiting, strategic planing and library advocacy as a focus. She traveled with Kansas librarians to Colorado in 2010 and to Texas in 2011 for the Association of Small and Rural Libraries (ARSL) Conferences. She and her husband live on a farm south of Eudora.

M.E. is looking forward to the Kansas Library Conference, October 9-11, 2013, in Topeka.

She encourages interested Library Trustees to become active in KLTA's leadership. M.E. can be contacted at megrosdidier@gmail.com


Brett Barrientos of Wichita has been appointed to the KLTA Executive Board as Urban Library Representative.

Cynthia Rhodes of Whitewater has also been appointed to serve on the Executive Board of KLTA as South Central Representative.

Megan Schulz has been appointed KLTA Executive Board liaison for the State Library of Kansas.

The new Executive Board is looking forward to the KLA Conference, October 9,10,11th at the Topeka Conference Center. Plans include the annual meeting of all members of KLTA.

KLTA is asking for applications for new appointments to fill our revitalized KLTA Executive Board.

Join this group and become actively involved in continuing the tradition of actively supporting Kansas libraries.

If interested, please send the following information to megrosdidier@gmail.com

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